Hey, I’m an older member of the Fire Emblem community. I was active on older forums such as FEPlanet (somewhat), FEFF and FESpritez. My name back then was Denning, but I also went by the alias of Denning Rosewater…this was like 12-13 years ago, so you can probably piece together how old I am lol.

I doubt many people here would know or even remember me, but since that time I’ve been busy and matured a lot. I am actually a voice actor who is always looking to engage in projects. A dream of mine would actually be to voice act in a Fire Emblem game or something similar, but until then, I have noticed that a few hackers have sought voice over talent to act in their projects. If anyone needs a voice for your project, don’t hesitate to ask!
Characters in the vein of those such as Camus, Sigurd, Ephraim, Gerik, Saber, Kamui, and Julian would be my definite strong suits, but I would do my best to fit in anywhere. I can submit samples of my work or requests for you as well.

Looking forward to rejoining the more modern Fire Emblem community. The game and franchise has grown leaps and bounds since the nearly two decades ago that I got into the games, and it is great to see that the community has followed suit.


Welcome, or welcome back? I guess both apply in this case. Hope you have fun around here

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Looks like our old person ranks are increasing.

Welcome to the club, we’ll get the kids off of our lawn someday (shakes fist in the air).

There’s a few people who’ve been around for a long time; you never know, somebody might recognize your username. Enjoy your stay pal, the people here are pretty friendly.

Welcome to FEU. It is nice to see people come back after parting for so many years, but as we have not met before, it is nice to meet you.

Always interesting to see what kind of talent each person possess and brings to the table.

I wish you luck in your endeavors.

Can we see your portfolio anyway? I’m just curious to see what your work is like!

Welcome back and I hope you enjoy it :grin:

Thank you for the welcomes, everyone.

As for posting some of my work, I’d love to. If you have any requests for me to rehearse the lines of the aforementioned characters, or would like to hear me voice others in a different or even similar style to their voices in Heroes, I can splice together a few MP3 samples of my work and post it.