Greetings from a Baer in a Cave

Hello, FEU! I’m AthenaBaer, or just Athena for short, an amateur ROM-hacker, a longtime lurker (I believe for around a year or two before creating this account), and a first-time poster. I’ve been a fan of the Fire Emblem franchise since I was first introduced to the series when Heroes came out in February 2017 (closing in on six years ago at this point! :face_with_spiral_eyes:). From there, my first main-series entry was Echoes (or at least I remember that game being the first; I wish I could say if that’s the case, but alas :disappointed:), and the rest for me is pretty much history. As far as my ROM-hacking career is concerned, I’ve been hacking ever since the pandemic hit in 2020, with the caveat that nothing went anywhere. But now that I’ve got some projects in the works, I decided to make this account to learn from the community, give feedback for other projects to make them better than ever, and hopefully make some friends while I’m at it, though I’m kind of nervous to talk here if I will be honest. This topic you’re reading now is my first time sending something out to a large audience like these forums, and it’s a bit scary for me to figure out where to start, but hopefully, I’ll find my way around :heart:. I don’t want to make this too long, so I’ll also quickly add here that I’m very LGBT (poly pan trans woman) and that I don’t have anything to show off yet (again, you’re looking at an amateur here) but I might soon enough :sparkling_heart:

P.S.: I don’t think this will happen that often, but don’t confuse me with AthenaWyrm. That Athena’s talented, unlike me. If you need a nickname for me, call me either Thini, Baerie, or even Baer.


Welcome! Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need it. Good luck.


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