Greetings, Emblemiers! I'm new here!

Hello, members of FEUniverse! You can call me Braxiom! I’m pretty fresh here and I was recommended to come here to see if I can share my creative visions albeit with little effort.

Since I’m new, I’m pretty overcautious on sites like these and of what I do just to not get into REALLY BIG trouble. Please treat me with respect and kindness and I promise to return the same.

My longtime goal is to make games for Nintendo, (Fire Emblem games included) and I go to an non-profit organization and institute to find my way there.

I am a creative mind with so many game-breaking FE projects on my mind no computer or game engine may be able to handle.

Anyway, with as many of you as there are, including the best of the best, I hope you can get along with me. If there is anything I don’t know or understand or if I need help with some things, I won’t hesitate to ask for help by shooting a private message or start up a Discord voice chat.

Thank you!


Yo, we got ourselves an idea guy here. Welcome to the community. If you haven’t already, take a look at the discord server. We do a lot more there.

Hi! I’m new here too! I joined about 7 days ago.

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Welcome! I would encourage you to start small and make use of the many resources available. A good first goal would be simply to make a chapter with custom characters (eg. portraits from the graphics repo) and a custom map (eg. from the repo, fe map creator generated, or simply made by you). Once you get that done, share it on discord in the #playtesting channel for some feedback. I would advise against any grand ideas before you’ve made a chapter.

Good luck!

I like this guy

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Welcome to FEUniverse!

Welcome Braxion!

Enjoy your stay

So far, there have been warm welcomes from some of you. Thank you very much!

Regarding my FEGBA ideas, there’s very little I can do on them on my own given what limited knowledge and experience I have in game-making.

But while there is so much outside my internet life, I promise to contribute what little I can give to what I’m dedicated.

I read your introduction like it was Owain speaking

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Did you really think so? Somehow, I knew had that part of him in me.


Untitled drawing (21)

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