Green Units disappearing

Base Game: FE8
Method: FEBuilder

I’ve encountered a strange bug in one of my chapters.

To put it simply, a number of green units completely vanish when the chapter is resumed after being suspended.

This is before:
Fire Emblem The Drowned King.emulator-60

This is after:
Fire Emblem The Drowned King.emulator-61

I was wondering if it was because there was simply too many units on the field. (28 red, 10 blue and 18 green)

Is there any way to fix this or do I just need to cut down on the amount of units?

The game only has room for 10 green units in suspend data by default.

Specifically it’s 50/50/10 units on the map.

There have been some number of hacks started that expand this limit; but I don’t know what their finished forms ended up being called.

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Oh damn didn’t know that.

Cool, thanks!

(That actually clears up a few worries I had regarding my tendency to have… a lot of enemies.)

The default version of the ExModularSave patch extends the amount of saved green units to 20. The skill system has EMS built-in as well.