Great Sage for Lilina (see below) + T1 Super Trainee Ross

I have two requests that I’m willing to pay for:

T1 Super Trainee Ross - Meant to serve in between Waleed and Maiser6’s Rosszerker (Super Journeyman - Ross - Google Drive) and the default Journeyman - class likely shaped up to be, animation-wise, like a Fighter, but obviously Ross smol. Axe is big but Ross is still a bit clumsy with it (like a Fighter), and has Hand Axe and unarmed animations too, obviously.

Great Sage - Armor Mage Promotion for Lilina - Hey, she is her father’s daughter, after all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I want it with her in a suit of armor (obviously nothing too ridiculous, but just the right size for her), and the Great Sage class can equip Axes, Anima and Staves. As a bit of comedy, I want the Axe animation (obvs barring the Hand Axe animation) to be somewhat comedic and reflect the reality of a little girl carrying an Armads-sized axe :rofl: Based off the Armads’ Archsage animation (War Mage - Lilina - Google Drive), her default animation is her lugging it around in a similar animation and dragging it back heavily, and her Critical animation is her taking a deep breath, spinning it around once or twice then losing control of her spinning (like a Warrior) and hitting the enemy target for massive damage while the HP draws to an end. For extra humor, have Lilina look shocked and amazed with even herself that she did that by accident, before dragging it back similar to the vanilla Archsage Armads animation. Obviously, she’s an Armor Knight, so yeah. xD As a side note, I want the Great Sage class to have map icons too. :smiley:

Will be happy to pay for this! Thanks!

Bonus Question: does having weapons and magics equippable at once default the class to POW than STR or MAG?