Gotta do this now

Welp, Name’s George and I am pretty much… A wacky dude, who likes many stuff!

FE has been my Favorite series and honestly, I’m into randomizers and not really a modder, skill god or an expert in making stuff. (sorry xd)

Honor to meet ya and, if ya feel like venting, I’m here and ya may get some PUN-ishments! (Because, I’m such a Joker lol)

May the Light be with you! :heartpulse:




A Jokester huh? We definitely need some humor in the FEUniverse.


Ping me, if need to raise the Mood. :wink:

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Holey Moley its George from GamePress!!! Hello again, have you tried Code of the Burger King?


Miso?! Never thought I’d see ya here…

Yeah, I don’t like how I can skip the start in that hack, but I MAY give it a try

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hope you know how to code. ahem, don’t tell anyone i told ya this but coding jokes are the only ones that work in dev lounge muahahaha

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Oh dear… I may try

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