Good to be back

Hey, FEU. I’m not a new member, I actually have returned after a long while. Not many will remember me as I wasn’t that active back then. Good to see the universe keeps expanding. :slight_smile:

I’ve returned to finish some goals I set myself in the past. I was gone but surely keeping a bit active with Fire Emblem: playing, hacking, modding, etc. So… hi.


Hi Neimi.

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Heya, Echidna. Jk. Hi, StreetHero.

The community has grown… a lot. Back when I was here there was no FEBuilder, and if there was, I probably missed it or something. Now I use it to do my modding since for me it is easier to do some things. But still, there are things I can’t do with it.

Anyway, just felt like adding that I will be working on a FE8 reskin. That’s gonna keep me busy and active here. Perhaps I may also submit some mug creations, if I get to that. Truth is, there are some hacks I would like to play, and that takes time.

Welcome back!


Thanks, Pikmin1211. :slight_smile:

Welcome back! Have a great day!

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Thanks, Fates-Blade! You have a great day, too.

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4 years ago huh? Must be fun coming back and seeing how the scene has changed.

Playing other people’s hacks is a good way to get an idea of what kind of things you like/dislike in a hack. I think it’s a good idea to play a few before you get too far into your own.

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Yes indeed. It is also very fun to see what others do in their projects, the ideas they have, etc.