Good evening, folks!

Hey all, Zanryu here. Some of you may know my name, but I’d be surprised if more than one or two of you actually remember me.

A bit about me… I’m a certified mechanic and work on a private fleet of buses for a transportation company. I’m a hobbyist pixel artist and an aspiring author - currently working on my very first book!

I’m also happily engaged and father of one beautiful little girl named Emma Rose.

Not much else to know that’s super important, but I’m an open book, so ask away if you’d like! Glad to be back. :slight_smile:


Welcome back to the FEU! A pleasure to meet you sir, I’m Maniac.

Looking forward to more of your artistic work here! Also congrats on becoming an aspiring author, hopefully it works out. :thumbsup:

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Glad to see I’m not the only full-time professional trying to make the whole FE-hobby thing work :upside_down_face:

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Much appreciated, folks! Hoping things pan out long term - I don’t expect commercial success with Tolkien and Martin flooding my market at the moment, but if I can get my first book done, I hope the rest will come easier!

Welcome back to FEU. I do not however, know who you are, so it is nice to meet you.

I look forward to whatever you have to offer, and feel free to ask away, and I or others can help you.

I wish you luck in your endeavors.
Hope you enjoy your stay at FEU… again?:upside_down_face:

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Luckily, I’m one with very few questions, so I won’t be here to harass you all so much!
I appreciate the well wishes, and it’s a genuine pleasure to meet you! :slight_smile:

A veteran returns!

I’m new here (but I’m also old compared to the youngins around here), so I haven’t seen your work before. Glad to see somebody return to the hobby!

We need all the help we can get in the art department.

I’m not much of a reader, but I’d gladly support you by buying copies for myself and my book loving friends!

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Hey man, welcome back! Wasn’t here long enough to say I was when you were around but hey. Hope you have fun!

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To be fair, last time I was here I was probably about 16 years old, so my work then is worthless compared to my recent stuff. Glad to be back however!

And I appreciate your support, it really means the world to me. My fiancée hates reading so I don’t get much support at home on that front - makes it hard to stay motivated. It’ll be a while yet before I finish, but I’ll definitely leave excerpts on FEU for people to check out!

Also, as for helping in the art department… well, if I can be of assistance, I’d be thrilled. :slight_smile:

Welcome back and congrats on joining the dad club/marriage arena! I’ve wrote some stuff, too, but I can’t imagine trying to find time to sprite, write, dad, and work. Good luck on your endeavors! Your art looks great so far.

Honestly, I have to decide what is most important in periods - I have to balance my relationship, family, social life, spriting, writing, gaming, work and time to sleep. So more often than not, spriting, writing and sleep suffer most. I do what I can, haha.

Many thanks, friend!

Welcome back! I don’t think we’ve ever spoken personally but I recognise you from FEP.

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Hey, friend! Glad to see you over here too! Never have spoken personally, you’re right, but your name isn’t lost on me!

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