Good Day to everyone

Hello, I´m a music student and love fire emblem, which led me here. I´m not a native english speaker, but I hope that my english is understandable.
After playing around with some methods of music insertion I decided to make an account here to ask all my noob questions. I don´t know anything about programming, so this is all new to me.
My goal is to learn FE ROM hacking, to be able to create my own songs for ROM hacks and also learn a little bit of programming.


Well, about 99% of what people call ROM hacking doesn’t involve programming anything at all so unless you are interesed in changing how the game actually works there’s no reason to learn it.

Welcome though, there aren’t a lot of music people here but I think you’ll be able to find any info you need on making and inserting music for the GBA Fire Emblem games, I recommend joining the discord server if you can’t find what you want on the forums.

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I joined the discord server a second ago, i will be checking it out later.
Thank you for the welcome.

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Welcome! Hope you have fun. Custom music is always awesome, looking forward to hearing it.