Give me your opinion of these portraits


I am making a hack and i need to do the blinking for the fe6 characters
So i want anyone experienced with portraits to give me their opinion in these two that i’ve made.

(I’ve made Idunn first because she is my waifu :heart:)

(And Igrene second because she’s the first fe6 character you recruit on my hack)
So how do they look? Good?
Or at least acceptable?

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In the repository there are all fe6 characters with blinking frames actually :sweat_smile:, but yours are alright too :ok_hand:.
Just so now you know.


I know but i mainly do this to get experience with portrait editing + my computer is old and doesnt want to load any dropbox page


Ah 'kay then keep it up :+1:


Thanks! I appreciate that you like them!


(I’ve also done blinking for FE6 characters and the sheet’s hosted on imgur. For the big sale I put mine on the right and animated yours for comparison on the left. )

Idoun is alright

There’s some jitter with Igrene

Going after the set is indeed good practice, keep it up if that’s what you’re after!

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Thank you, i hope to get as good as you someday!

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