Ghast plays: FE7x: Immortal Swag

Chapter 1!

Thoughts on the chapter:

Pretty solid for first impression! It’s a good size map for the player to get used to all of the ‘new’ mechanics. Get used to the new characters and just generally let everything sink in. Really digging the young versions of the fe7 chars we all know and love. Obviously the art quality is insanity, can’t say much more than that!
My fav mechanic funny enough, is the flashing ‘!’ icon when there are talk conversations. I personally would abuse that so hard! :stuck_out_tongue:

Onto chapter 2!



Thoughts on the chapter:
It was alright! I got totally boned by level ups though…My recruits got pants level ups which makes sense for balance… But Resistance??? come on SON. And Uther has 6 strength…? Harken and Isadora are tougher! Marcus got cursed, t’was a rough go for him.
Design wise, it was chill; just your average defeat boss mission. But the writing is still great. I really like how Rankings show up right after you beat the chapter. It’s totally working as an anti-turtle tool (for those who like rankings :P)
Is Uther killing these guys or just making them sleepy on the battlefield? If its the former than yikes, these nobles are wild childs~


Now, Frank, listen to me…

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decided to switch to hardmode. Normal mode seemed way too chill for my liking!

I think all of my technology failed hard last night… Prime’s voice like echoed a bit and the video quality seems to be worse than usual. Sorry about the crappy video quality… :frowning:

I restarted on hardmode because normal was EZPZ. The chapter isn’t a walk! Had to pull out some prostrats, which is fun and kind of a given for hardmode!. I think if you don’t like slow pace, then you may not find the most enjoyment for this one. But it depends on what kinda maps you like to play on, but if you don’t like sizey early game maps, this one is still pretty engaging throughout. I didn’t get RNG screwed as hard as before so yay. Writing is still pretty impressive, though it can seem a bit… stuffy at times. Marcus is awesomely written.
Mini boss was a nice challenge as well. Also the boss has jugs, wow. Looks like The Merc’s bread and butter made a statement in fe7x top kek
New animations were neat. though the skywatcher is preetty jank. But the effort certainly shows :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thoughts: I liked the difficulty of hardmode throughout the how game so far. I think the game play and map design is really good in this chapter, in fact its probs the best so far! (Despite how I sound in it, I was hella tired and dealing with females) The goal was unique, but I never felt I was going to lose le border like ever. It kinda just became a defeat boss mission. The only real time I felt in trouble was when I was in trouble because Cybil missed an 86 trolol. Personally I’d like to see some more border pressure to alleviate from the last chapter goals which were just defeat boss. But if you’re staying true to GBAFE which is literally just defeat boss for 90% of the game, then you are indeed staying true!
but what teh fuck do I know!?
Though I gotta say, my level ups are pretty depressing. But at this point since I’m just bordering on an S rank, I wonder if these growths are just brutal, or my growths are just challenging me to get the S rank in a more difficult way? I think Harken’s 6 speed is just absurd, though. Like he’s basically a knight at this point.
And recruits, okay… NGL, I’m pretty tired of them. I get that recruits are novel and stuff like that. But I feel like some of these recruits are just recruits because “hey recruits! Everyone likes those!”
and not because their personality calls for it. Harken, Isadora and Marcus I can understand, because their personality and writing seems to reflect their youth: Marcus and Isadora never actually killed anyone until chapter 4 for example. But the others? I get that Magnus is just discovering his magic potential, but making him a pupil at level 8 is just like, why lol. Can I just get normal units plz?? Archers and peg knights are like really fuckin’ young in FE to begin with, how old are Toni and Cybil?
But eh, your game :stuck_out_tongue:
Exchanges of dialogue between characters I think is the best part about this game, its probably the dialogue I’ve seen so far in any fan game/hack.
Let’s see what happens next~~

This is a long chapter because of the base, supports, talks, and the chapter itself is quite long itself. But we’ll get to that. For now, check out all the cool shit pretty much only possible in FEXNA.

There was maybe a chuckle here and there.
I subbed. Keep 'em coming.

Got to the name-drop. No one ever says it right. (;_:wink:

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This was a really fun chapter, there were fun side missions and Fog of War is balaaanced because enemies won’t move if they are in fog too. Which is awesome~
The writing was a nice change of pace, having a drunk uther actually be haggard on the battlefield was interesting. The writing here gets pretty stuffy sometimes and there are moments where I think things could be cut down, though.
Uther’s drunkenness made him less useful, so that gave spotlight to some other units. But honestly it feels like my Uther sucks goose nuts anyway soooo yeah.
My only complaint (aside from some other minor ones) really is the turn change after turn 10, i won’t spoil anything in case you’re reading this first.
Alphadora is just absurdly good. and Magnus was finally coming through.
What else… Oh right, Hassar is Batman.


hassar was born to be the batman

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