Genshin Emblem [Rebirth]

Hello, the dear community of FEU.

Now my team is going to try of recreate the story of Genshin Emblem in Fire Emblem using the mechanics of FE, some time ago we tried of do it now we are more decided on create it.

Our goals:

  • Create a good adaptation of the story
  • Add correctly all character
  • Adapt sites according with the story

I hope you help us for improve this, and if you want help us more close please join to Discord server


Nice Good luck in the project.


I will watch this project with great interest


We have some progress with the maps. Map 3 and 4 are finished.

Genshin is that gacha that is all the rage nowadays?
Well since is a gacha I imagine the MC is an avatar, will they be the MC on this?

I would if the creater is gonna somehow input a gacha system

Yea we talk about Genshin Impact the gasha game and open world.

The main character will be “Aether” or "Lumine, the same main characters from Genshin Impact. The unique thing you can do will be choice any of that two characters.

We won’t add mechanic gasha, you can get characters with the progress of the story.


Genshit but better

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For now we have more maps.


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Now we can share with you the first part of the story.

Spoiler Alert.

See under your responsibility

Mondstad Story

First, the game starts with a black screen, with sounds of a battle fighting versus the Unknown Goddess being stopped with sounds of a fairy who is Paimon trying to wake up the “Traveler” who’s unconscious, meanwhile, they are surrounded by Hilirchurls and Amber appears to the rescue.

After the battle, both are introduced and the “Traveler” talks about his/her twin, Amber offers to go to Mondstadt where they met Kaeya, Lisa, and Jean but then are interrupted by an attack by Hilirchurls in the main door so everyone fights except Jean, at the same time Barbara appears for help them and join the team.

When this battle finished a great storm starts and a Dragon is close which is Stormterror goes into the forest, because of it Lisa, Kaeya, and Amber separate from the group to look for a way to stop this storm, meanwhile, the “Traveler” and Barbara are chasing Stormterror close to the Wolves Kingdom where Bennet and Razor are surrounded by a thief gang, after beating this group Bennet and Razor join the team.

Later Amber meets again with the party and says they need to go to three special temples protected by Hilirchurls and Abysmal Mages, when they enter the first time there isn’t anybody, in the second temple, they found Lisa and in the last one, they meet with Kaeya. When they finish exploring they seek Mona for research regarding somebody connected to Stormterror.

At this point the story can go to a side quest; Mona tells the Traveler about a meteor fall, with this, Lisa, Kaeya, and Herself, part ways with the group and go looking for meteor shards, meanwhile the traveler and the others go to another place where they find Fischl who’s researching the place, this after a battle against Hilirchurls and Abysmal Mages which are there. Later the party meets again with the girls and Mona says about a great meteor in the Musk Isle where the Fatui try to get the entire meteor, once defeated the Fatui Fischl joins the party (If you don’t do this side quest you can’t recruit to Fischl).

After completing the temples (and the side quest of meteor shards), Mona informs us about a guy called Venti, the party goes to look for him only to find him being attacked by the Fatui, once the battle to protect him ended, Kaeya suggests they bring Venti to Diluc’s bar where Jean is waiting to get any information from him regarding Stormterror, Venti tells the true name of Stormterror and the reason why he is causing such chaos and destruction (with this Mona joins the team).

Once everything was clear Venti stated he needs the sacred lyre which is in the church, they go to the church and find a Fatui group trying to steal the lyre, and the party fought but it was in vain, the Fatui escaped with the lyre… Searching for any leads to where the lyre is the party captured a Fatui who tells them where their lair is, the party makes way to the Fatui lair and arrives to be attacked by Abysmal Mages who also want the lyre, now starts a great battle on who gets the lyre.

When the party got the lyre they go back to Diluc’s Bar and give the lyre to Venti, but the lyre is useless since it needs to be restored. Following Venti’s advice, they go alongside Diluc (who tagged along) to the Wolves Kingdom looking for Andrius, once there Andrius doesn’t want to help at first, Andrius challenges the party, if they defeat him and his wolves in a fight he will help, once the group wins, Andrius gives a part of his power to repair the lyre.

Now the group doesn’t know what to do next, so they go with Sucrose to ask if she can help restore the lyre with alchemy, when the group meets her she says it’s better to look for Albedo who is in Dragonspike, with this said, she joins the party and make way towards Dragonspike, when the party arrives an avalanche occurs near. At this point we can go on a sidequest where we can help Eula who is surrounded by abysmal mages and Hilirchurls, after we help her, she tells us that she’s looking for a special weapon that is in Dragonspike, the group decides to help her look for clues, this takes them to a temple where we find a new thief gang and Rosaria who’s fighting them (Rosaria can be recruited by either Kaeya or Barbara, if she dies before being talked to or we don’t talk with her, she won’t join) once the thief gang is defeated Eula joins the party and gets the Ice Blade.

After doing this part or skipping it, the party meets with Klee and Albedo, but the moment Albedo sees the party he commands Klee to attack them alongside the monsters he brought to fight, once defeated and cornered, another Albedo appears to stab the first one who was actually a mega flora with the ability to change its appearance, now the party has to fight the mega flora alongside Klee and the real Albedo, once the battle is over, the group fills Albedo in the situation, Albedo decides to help finally restore the lyre once everyone is back at Mondstadt.

While Albedo is busy restoring the lyre, the group runs into Noelle by mistake, she tells the party she’s going to (clear water village(?) Since they don’t have anything better to do they decide to tag along to help a little, when they arrive they find that the village is being attacked by wolves, but these are different from the wolves we saw during the Andrius fight, during the fight Diona appears and decides to help, (if the main character doesn’t interact with her or if she dies before being talked to she won’t be recruitable), no matter the result on Diona’s recruitment once the fight is over Noelle joins the party.

Since they freed the village from the attack the party decides to seek Andrias so he can shed some light on the situation, but he has no idea, in fact, he was furious with the wolves, because of their actions the people are blaming and hunting their people, so the party decides to follow some of those wolves to know where they are coming from, they find out that they are led by an Abyss Herald and some Abyss mages, the party then proceeds to fight them off the forest.

Once the battle is over everyone returns to Mondstadt where Albedo has finished restoring the lyre he also decides to join the group along with Klee, they give the lyre to Venti and go to the (Star cliff(?) Once there Venti starts playing the lyre thus attracting Stormterror, but an Abyss Herald attacks breaking the lyre and angering Stormterror who summons a mist that obscures the sight of everyone, also a group from the Abyss Order surrounds the party, Jean will help fight them off after the fight Jean joins the group.

Later in the battle, Venti states that even though the lyre is broken it served enough to give them a chance at helping Stormterror but for that, the group has to go to Stormterror’s lair: The First Mondstadt. The party is heading towards the place but before entering they are intercepted by the Fatui who don’t want them to reach their destination.

After defeating them everyone enters the main building where Stormterror is protected by Hilirchurls, stalking wolves, abyssal mages, and an Abyss Herald would fight the party, even though they were many the party came out victorious and freed Stormterror from the Abyss’s influence, he helps them out of his lair and thanks to them for their help, also we find out that Venti is in fact Barbatos, the anemo archon, also known by many as the god of freedom.

But since everyone lowered their guard La Signora and her group of Fatui ambush them and steal Venti’s gnosis incapacitating everyone for a moment, once everyone reacted La Signora was no longer there.


I have done two maps more.



Hello I’m again here; but this time is for notify you about a notice some sad, this project was canceled. I’m going to explain you why, well was because occurred some internal fight besides exterior interference.

All progress was deleted except the maps, I did the maps then I still the maps on my computer.


It’s a pity. I expected to see another project from a smart phone game. It seems that community colabration is not always good.

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You can recruit new people to work in another genshin project using your maps. It would be cool. It’s a shame the project died :confused:

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It’s a pity to hear about the problems with the crew. I wish you luck if you ever want to do another project


Good luck on the project bro :+1: :+1: :+1:


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You read the update right?

Oh, I didn’t see. Sorry for being insensitive there.

It is curious to see that there is still interest in this, maybe I can try to continue this but seeing that someone else also has the same project we could try to coordinate for help us?