Generic repallettes

Any pointers when doing a generic repallette for an animation tailored to a specific character? Doing it for the Karla Swordmaster animation.

Here’s the Frame 0 of it.

first you want to see what colors each part of the animation share, this way you’ll know your limitations, for example, most paladins must use a white shield because of its palette sharing that color with part of the horse.

After that if you want to recolor parts of the hair or outfit you need to see what parts of the palette work as what, or example the darker part of Karla’s hair must be recolored to be darker than the color of the recolored Karla’s base hair.

essentially, you just need to know what color goes to what and have some common sense when it comes to coloring units.

my recommendation would be to make the generic’s hair a brown color for simplicities sake, you can easily make browns work for hair color. In addition, making the outfit a light blue or red will fit the generic palette of the normal swordmasters.

For repalettes, people generally want to make the anim easier to recolor. So you’d want to cut down on color sharing between different areas (hair, skin, cloth) to make them into distinct spots. The white spot on the face should go, so darker skin tones can be used. The sword using both a dress color and the sash’s color should be changed.

Tangent but this is not the case. The default player paladin palette certainly uses two whites
Battle Animation Palette FE8_clean.GBA_3A
but that’s simply because they chose to do that. Seth certainly doesn’t share like that:
Character Palette FE8_clean.GBA_59@3C set__________EF83B8

my mistake then, shoulda probably used a different example…

Next question, how do I make a bin file of the recolor? I noticed that when I tried importing the bin, it retained the original colors, but when I imported the txt, it became my colors.

You first import with the txt file and then extract right after. Assuming you’re using FeBuilder, make sure you extract everything. You should get all of the frames, sheets, and a bin file.

How do I do this extraction then?

In FeBuilder, right next to the import button, should be an extract option.

You mean an export option?

Yep export i mean.

All I really need to mess with are the frames, right? Everything else would come with that export move you told me?

If you are talking about the repalette frames then yes that’s all you need to do.

Side note: FeBuilder allows an easy way to do generic enemy and npc palettes.

When you set the pallette for all sides, does it come with the export option?

Yeah. Next time you import the new bin file, all of the palettes you assigned will be there.