Generic portraits in items/trading screen

So when you have a playable character with a generic portrait, the portrait area will glitch out when you try to access that character’s items, trading, or supply - basically any screen that has to load the character’s portrait.
Is there any way to make those screens load the generic class portrait in those instances instead?

maybe you could make the game load a null portrait instead of the class card

there’s probably some check somewhere that loads (or generates) a generic “portrait” tilemap whenever you initiate a trade (this function or some variant of it is then used to instead load a class card tilemap when on the info screen or something)

it would likely be as simple as swapping the two functions

I just have one question; why exactly are generic units trading?

Because one might want to make generic units playable?

Sigh… finding the routines is the easy part, actually making them display the differently-sized portraits properly is the hard part.
Amusingly enough, the routine that loads portraits for the class card has a hardcoded check that a character in Ephraim only’s final chapter with the portrait ID 4A (i.e. Evil Lyon) will instead display Non-Evil Lyon in their class card.

Because the person is playing TRTR

I thought you just gave them the generic soldier portrait?

I gave them portraits but they’re still generic.

Does that not suffice as a solution though; I’m somewhat confused

If you don’t mind work arounds (which my method is) then it’s a perfectly viable solution.
I think jj is looking for something a bit more… elegant.

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