Generic palette finding and editing

Note: Since old tutorials tend to have their image links sort of DEAD with time, I took the liberty of saving this (and others) from FEU.

This is not my tutorial. It was written by Cerulyth/Spectre.

-=0 Something I discovered. This would be less so for portraits because Nintenlord is awesome (ilu nintenlord <3~) and moreso for, say, menus and battle animations. Say I want to modify…oh, the title screen palette.

Go into your map (or OAM, if you’re doing a sprite) viewer, click the layers until you find the one you want -

It tells us it uses palette 15. So go into your palette viewer, click on that palette -

It tells us the palette address is at 0x050001E0. So we’ll just open our memory viewer and hop on down to that offset -

Now, since VBA won’t let us directly copy-paste, we can either write that down, or we can be lazy like me and do a memory dump. Click on Save, make sure the address you put in is the same one you got from the palette viewer -

(I’m entirely aware that 32 is 50 in decimal. Really, all you need is 20 (32 decimal) there.)

So open up that memory dump in your favorite hex editor - those first two lines are all you need (and all you’ll have, if you put in 20 when you saved the dump).

Copy those, and do a search in your original FE ROM. You’ll find it.

As with any palette, the first one you find might not always be the one you need. But here, we got lucky. I just dumped in the palette from the class scroll demo background to test it. It looks horrible, but it demonstrates my point!


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