Generic introduction

Hey, I’m Rana. (Also known as Remurin on Discord)
I started messing around with FEXP since around April of 2017 and even submitted a meh submission with it to Ragefest 5 known as Rana & Rana & Rana proudly presents: Super Sonic Emblem Ragefest & Knuckles Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue At The Olympic Games Bros Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series.
I’ve played FE7 back on the GBA back when it came out and got back to the series with Awakening and since then have played all GBA and 3DS era games.

I decided to sign up on feu to keep up to date with the development of FEB and FEXNA and talk about maps for fangames. I am currently doing a redesign of my RF5 submission and hope to get some feedback and ideas from you people.

Have fun.


Oh hey it’s Rana Rana & Rana. Welcome to FEU.

Hey it’s that one guy who did an fe1 chapter i can steal


Greetings fleshling, welcome to FEU, don’t forget to check out the discord, you certainly won the award for really long Ragefest title, am I forgetting anything? I don’t think so. We hope you enjoy your stay!

haha if you want I’d love to do more if they get any use

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