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Random little concept I had: Fire Emblem survival horror.

Essentially there is only one chapter, which has a huge map, with the objective being just ‘Survive’. There are infinite waves of monsters spawning, and the game only ends when all of your characters die, at which point it shows the number of turns you lasted.

Your group begins inside a lone building in the middle of the map. At first enemies are very weak, but you have limited supplies and weapon uses, and almost every wall of the building is breakable. To get more healing items/weapons/staves, you must send scouts beyond the walls into the fog to forage or find promoted enemies who drop items. Your main ‘lord’ is a unmovable Tent, and you lose if the supplies are destroyed.

Your units can support and fall in love with one another, but of course you do this in full knowledge that they are going to die eventually. You bastard.


You could have procedurally generated maps on top of that, maybe?


Is that possible? I wouldn’t know where to start with that. Maybe I could have a RN to randomly load one of many premade maps?


How did you obtain the concept for my RF5 submission

This leak is unacceptable. I blame Skitty.

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great minds think alike

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I’ve toyed around with using tile changes to “randomise” the layout of maps: overlaid over any map would be a grid of tile changes of a certain size (maybe 4×4) which, when triggered, would change the layout of that part of the map (putting a mountain/swath of woods there, adding/removing rooms of a castle, changing the location of a village, etc). The player goes through a short prologue which is very straightforward, but contains many possible tiles to move on and enemies to fight in the several turns it takes to complete it. Each time the player moves on a tile of the prologue map or engages in battle with one of the enemies, as well as each time a new player phase begins, it activates or de-activates a permanent event ID. The next chapter checks these event IDs with a series of IFET conditions and, based on which tiles the player stepped on combined with the prologue’s turn count, makes a “randomised” map by triggering tile changes based on the event IDs. Chapters after the prologue were to contain many event IDs triggered by area events and turn events as well, but these IDs would be temporary and influence what classes/items all characters (player, enemy, and ally) who appear during the map spawn with (randomiser for a randomised hack, anyone?), as well as what rewards you get from visiting villages and a bonus item given for beating the chapter quickly enough.

I never released a concept because juggling all of the IDs proved to be more of a pain in the ass than I was willing to work for. Maybe I’ll revisit it if I get any ideas for what I would actually do with a randomised game like this in terms of story/characters.


If it used Thracia fog you could make tile changes dynamically based on a similar system without needing a prologue chapter, right?

Elibian Nights has Thracia fog, how was that done?


Indeed you can, but make sure you have checks that make sure the player isn’t standing where the map changes are (so it isn’t in their vision range). Fog of war has its own spot on each map’s palette (e.g. four rows of colors that are darker, used on tiles in darkness; and four rows of colors that are lighter, used on tiles in fog), so you just need to dump the tileset palette (whose locations are findable in Nightmare’s Event References modules), change all of the fog of war colors to a single color, and re-insert the palette. Bam, party on Thracia Avenue.

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Wow, this sounds so fun to play. I hope someone makes it!

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I mean this recent chain of responses is basically Roguelike Emblem in a nutshell, many parts of which comprise my RF5 submission. Have you ever read that topic?

(Oops n/m the topic was locked already lel)

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I mean, I was thinking of something more like Zombie mode from Call of Duty, but then Agro brought up procedural maps and now I’m intrigued.


original the idea

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Here’s an idea of randomizing maps: Reimpliment @BwdYeti’s map generator. But in assembly. And have it generate a map.


Is that… actually possible?

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I’m 99% sure it isn’t impossible.


Anything is possible, but such a project would need to be fueled by madness.


Madness? This isn’t madness.


Madness/Obsession/Dedication. Whichever word you wish to use.


“Fueled by Madness” is the name of my new side-side-side-chapter, chapter 21xx pt2x.

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