General Questions About FEXNA

  1. What is the size of CGs in FEXNA?

  2. What is the size of the backgrounds in the battle screen in FEXNA?

  3. For a world map in FEXNA, what is the size of the whole world map?

  4. What will be the size of the title screen in FEXNA?

  5. FEXNA has no colour limits for anything, correct?

Please answer my questions for me. I need them answered as soon as possible.:sunny:

  1. Pretty good size.
  2. Same as above.
  3. Any size you want, you can scroll around on it as needed.
  4. Same size as 1 and 2.
  5. I could swear you’ve asked this a few hundred times already so the answer is the same as all those previous times.
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I’m, uh, assuming you said that before Yeti said all this?

[9:26:20 AM] BwdYeti: world map max is 2048x2048 without code changes
[9:26:34 AM] BwdYeti: /4096x4096 with hi def whatever
[9:26:57 AM] BwdYeti: just because that’s the max size of one texture, you could make the map bigger by loading more textures and just drawing the visible ones

That’s the maximum size of a graphic allowed in (any)XNA, but battle backgrounds are specifically 320x160 by default, with the area below them presumably being plain black? Graphics in general won’t show more than 320x192 at a time, since that’s the total screen resolution at 1x zoom (though I don’t think changing zoom actually changes resolution?), so it’s also the size of the title screen and "CG"s (which don’t have official support, but don’t worry about that)

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Thank you so much @pwnagekirby! :smile: