General Archibald's Bootcamp of Event Hacking (pretty old)

This is a project of mine designed to teach Chapter Creation through visual means, showing people exactly how to do things and explaining it with my “epic” (Blazer said that) voice.

There’s the link to the YouTube playlist.

Current Episodes:
Episode 1: Programs you Need & Map Insertion
Episode 2: Getting Started with Events, Opening Events and Turn Events
Episode 3: Music, Text, ‘Talk’ Events
Episode 4: Various Events for Scenes
Episode 5: Villages, Map Changes, Weather & Defining Things
Episode 6: Location Events, Misc. Events, and Victory Conditions
Episode 7: Ending Events, More Event Codes for Scenes
Episode 8: Conditions
Episode 9: Quick Review and Analyzing Events
Episode 10: Pools, Macros and the EAstdlib
Episode 11: Fight Sequences
Episode 12: Event ID Recap & Permanent Event IDs
Episode 13: Gaiden Chapters
Episode 14: FE6 Events, Differences from FE7, Capabilities, and More!
Episode 15: FE8 Events (Covers a lot of various things)
Episode 16: Doors, Chests, and Tile Changes

I apologize for the general chaotic nature of my lessons, I don’t really plan these things out. I don’t plan on becoming a teacher either, so yeah… Hope you learn what you need to know!