GBA-style Meg portrait desired

Hello there, everyone! I’ve started playing Radiant Dawn and I’ve become strangely obsessed with Meg, more than usual.
I would be interested in either:
(a) somebody making me a GBA-style Meg portrait
(b) tips or directions on how I can make my own.
Below is a resized version of her Radiant Dawn menu portrait with Hector for size comparison and an (incomplete) 16-color palette with hair color taken from Bauker, skin color taken from Elen, and a green background color. One thing that needs to be done for Meg’s GBA-style portrait is that her shoulders need to be redone so they aren’t just cut off at the edges.
Any help here would be appreciated.


From a german Discord server I am in, I don’t know if it is free to use, but whatever

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Looks like a bit of a fixer-upper, but I’ll see what I can do with it. That is, once you get verification that it’s free to use.

In the meantime I’ll still check this thread for any alternatives to that portrait people are willing to push forward. Or advice about how I can make my own.

I got a confirmation that it should be free to use. Don’t know if the portrait is of much help tho.

I feel like I’ve seen another Meg around somewhere. I don’t remember if NickT ever made or included one in their Radiant Collection of mugs but if its there I believe it, along with all the other mugs there is F2U.

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