[GBA] Breaking the stat caps?

Reading FE8 girls LP’s, I see that they broke the 30 cap on stats for GBA. Have any English hackers done that as well? Can we go above 30 on caps without that awful wrap-around and suspend breaking the stats when resuming a chapter? I’d prefer to know for FE8 but I’ll take anything I can get.

This would require some substantial rewrites to the save file routines, unless I’m mistaken. Blazer might’ve done something for FE7, but this definitely needs to be moved to “Requests.”

The daily Klok request.

Hey man I ain’t seeing anybody else do it. Besides, I use everything I request ‘3’

Nope. FEditor autopatches allows for slightly higher caps, but they vary and isn’t what I would consider a true limit change (it’s still good though).

Something I want to do sometime.

So this is actually an area that Japanese hackers beat us in for once? I thought it could never happen.

tbh I think they just use the feditor autopatch

Oh really? So does that mean they just modified it to set the numbers higher? I feel like that’d have some adverse effects.

It probably doesn’t

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the feditor autopatch works by changing the data stored in the save from an absolute stat to the number of stat points gained from base

so for a character with 16 str base and current 18 str, the save stores 2 instead of 18

this is why old saves also seem to have crazy stat inflation when FEditor is used on a vanilla ROM

Blazer’s extension to the hack was to extend it to work on enemies

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Crazy explained to me how it works, and it’s too stupid for me to actually want to attempt balancing it. He mentioned possibly fixing the way it works ingame instead of relying on autopatching, so maybe someday it’ll work properly.

I think we need a subcategory of Requests now lol


As the LPer of fe8girls, I would think it’s not result of feditor’s autopatch.
The stats do not change if you restarts, or return to savestate, or even reset the game.
The only issue it has is the fact when you reset on a level up, the portrait disappears for that particular level up.
But what do I know?
I’m just a LPer.

It’s okay, we all know you don’t know how hacking works anyway.

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