GBA battles, FE6 vs FE7 vs FE8


Hey guys, i spent a lot of time off this community, but i made some videos, some hacking battles, impossible battles to be specific. If you ever asked who will win? Roy or Lyn? Nergal or Zephiel? Maybe Canas or Knoll? I have the answer for you in the classic GBA engine. So enjoy this videos, dont forget to leave me suggestions here, or in youtube of future fights you would like to see

Zephiel vs Nergal:

Canas vs Knoll

Lyn vs Roy

Lyon vs Nergal

Lloyd vs Linus

Nergal vs Fargus

I do not know how to use spoilers…so dont kill me???
Also, is there an impossible fight from the GBA ERA you want so see, leave a comment here or in youtube, ill get to it.


“Lyndis is garb-”


Yup, but she killed Roy, lol.
Anyone can get their favorite battle of the GBA era, just comment here or in youtube :stuck_out_tongue:


New video for hardore fans (?) Its Rutger vs Guy, Who is the best Swordmaster of Ellibe?? Check the video :smiley:


Quick update guys, Mercenaries Fight
Gerik vs Raven:
Dont forget to ask for a fight you desire here or in youtube.


Hello guys, its me again. Roy vs Lyndis Rematch, with a special surprise in the weapons :smiley: Enjoy


Hello again guys, this is a new video, this time is Pent vs Saleh


Hi guys, Dorcas vs Poison mutton


Hector vs Old Hector


All of these are really entertaining to watch (although I don’t understand, what is that, spanish?) (and besides some typos, still nice.)


I always wondered who made these on YouTube lol. If not done already might I suggest rath vs. Dayan


Oh yeah I suppose I could suggest something too, so… can you make Serra vs. Matthew ?(make her a bishop so she can fight idk)


Matthew vs Serra? Sure, also Dayan vs Rath, will do them. About that, I’m not a native english speaker, I speak spanish and continue learning english. So there is that. However, newer videos are in english. Thanks for watching.
Have some pegasus figths :stuck_out_tongue:


do you need help, with the writing? You seem to be having a difficulty. I could help you. =)


Thanks, Can you do a review before I make the videos? And help me to learn. LOL


New video, this time is Rutger vs Joshua


New video, this is Hector vs Uther