Gauging interest for a writing team for EB

Hey guys. I know Eternal Bond seems to be basically vaporware at this point due to my own inactivity. Mostly this is just because I’ve got lots of things going on in real life which keep me busy. I love doing these things but they’ve left me with no time to work on little projects like this.

I’ve come to the unfortunate realisation that it’s simply impossible to finish this project on my own. I don’t have the time anymore and the hacking landscape has changed so dramatically in the last year that I’m pretty much forced to start over again (again). My biggest problem is that it is terribly difficult to code, sprite and write all on a chapter-by-chapter basis. But uh, writing 24 chapters of content without seeing anything in action is an even more daunting task.

Therefore, I’m looking to put together a “dev team” for EB, with writing being the first step. This is would by primarily on a voluntary basis, although compensation isn’t out of the question. The idea would be to have a finished, polished script that has been parsed by an entire team, which would then mean that coding and graphics could be left to another team. That being said, a lot of graphics have been finished and assembled over the years.

I worked with another writer recently who workshopped some aspects of my story for me and I found the process thoroughly enjoyable. Said writer has gone AWOL but it did give me a lot of faith in the process itself.

So what would you need to do? As much as you want to. Write one chapter, write a few chapters, write the whole thing, proofread it, add ideas, worldbuilding - you name it. I think it’d be really fun to see what kind of ideas other people can come up with, and it’s loooonely writing on your own. I did have substantial progress on the hacking & writing fronts. You can see a (now very outdated) video of that here.

I hope I’ve built up enough credibility over the years to be asking for this kind of thing. I don’t really know a lot of the new users anymore, but I’ve done bit of music hacking work over the years, and I was also assistant translator for the FE12 English patch, which I think speaks to my commitment to the community.

So, uh, is anyone interested in helping out?


I’m always done for a refining role.
You need to get a Discord channel going for this, just to make the group collaborative effort work smoother.

I don’t think Discord is an efficient way to collaborate and it certainly doesn’t work well for me as haven’t the time to sit around and comb through pages of backlog. I also wouldn’t be able to contribute actively to discussions :frowning:

The fact of the matter is, Discord is the cool hip kid’s way of organizing projects now. Everyone and their mom uses it for project organization. I’m not sure what your other method would be - email? A forum?

You could have 1 channel dedicated to #dev-talk, that doesn’t have banter/general discussion.

Also, I’d be down to join, probably as a writing consultant. I’ve been running Pathfinder sessions for like 5 years now (almost weekly). I’ve got 3 successful campaigns under my belt, that have all taken place in the same setting (different locations, mind you). If you’re familiar with tabletop RPGs, then you would know that campaigns have a low success rate. Lower than ROM Hacks if my judgement is correct.

I can DM my Google Sheet I use to organize my current campaign, it takes place on 1 continent with 6 countries, each with their own form of government (ranging from a demarchy to tyranny, it’s pretty diverse); as well as the spark notes version of the other campaigns.

I may be working on a parody hack, but I’m confident in saying I could write a serious tone hack.

PMs are fine with me. Using Discord simply isn’t possible for me. Not when I’ve only such limited time to write. It isn’t actually about Discord; I’ve worked on projects in the past that were done via Skype group chats and there is really just too much room for distraction and not enough discussion happening. I used PMs working with my other writer and it was completely fine.

Hey, that’d be cool. I can always use more minds. As long as you’re willing to contribute in some form and can write back in a reasonable timeframe.

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I unfortunately can’t offer any help on the writing front (too little time myself, too many other projects, etc.), but I just wanted to say that I’m glad that EB is still floating around out there in some capacity. Always was one of my favorites that was in development.

Good luck!

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Thank you LG! Sadly dinosaurs like me have been left behind by the community but the story I want to tell remains strong as ever in my mind. I just need to find the right way to tell it…

I’m down.

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Arch, the plan is to finish the hack. Not put it in into stasis in for eternity. Jeez.

Also, I joined. Time to team up Banter Buddy!

I’m interested! I remember playing an EB demo years ago and having a lot of fun; I’d be happy to contribute to the story (although I don’t remember the details) or at least do some proofreading.

(also, I do everything except ASM in terms of hacking, so you can put me down as interested in the game’s development in general if this goes well)

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I’d be happy to contribute some editing work.

Thanks for the support everyone. Looking forward to working with you all. I’ll collate some of my info and keep everyone in the loop.