Gameplay GIFs?

I’ve seen some people make perfect-looking GIFs of gameplay footage from hacks. How do you do that? is there a tool in VBA, or do you use a specific program? I tried using ScreentoGif, but it messes up the colours and frames.

Would there be a way to record video and then just convert that to gif?
I’d imagine it’d make occur a couple issues in regards to quality so it might not be a viable solution, but it’s a thought.

Hmmm, maybe. I’ll try that.

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I record to avi with no compression, then I use Photoshop - Import Video Frames to Layers.

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Apparently I’m not as dumb as I thought.


I had no idea that Photoshop could do that. So after I import frame to layers I hust save it as a Gif?

“Save for Web and Devices”, then choose GIF from the dropdown.

Oohhh, that explains it. But for some reason the GIF is slowed down.

EDIT: Oh, wait nevermind. It works fine now. Thanks a lot!