Game softlocks

So this is the event were the game softlocks
I recently added the skill system to the game and now this happen.
Any advice please

Are you jumping to a label (namely 0x63) that doesn’t exist?

Please send report7z

That event looks like one of the ones that routinely runs to check whether you should fade into a map or not. You probably shouldn’t edit that event, and it’s also probably not the actual cause of your game softlocking. FEBuilder is just showing you the most recent event that ran.

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I don’t think so. I’ll have to look at it more

I was thinking the same thing. Like I haven’t changed that event any. It’s just something that started happening right after I pitched skill systems into it. Also I’ll look into the what you said above once I’m home.

Turns out that the error was that the skill system patch was not compatible with another patch I had previously installed, due to it being outdated. Once I corrected that the skill system work perfectly.

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