Game freezing when I try to save (FE Builder)

For some reason, my ROM has decided that now that I’ve fixed one problem, it must create a different one, so here I am. My FE Hack refuses me to get past the 1st chapter, I can’t save or it freezes the game. Anyone have any ideas as to why that would be? Anywhere I should look in the program?

Is that another problem?
Please send me the data with problem reporting tool.

Please describe how you can reproduce the freeze.

The freeze can be reproduced simply by attempting to save after the completion of the prologue. FEU’s forum does not allow me to send the data through a post, but I sent the problem report data in NGMansion

I made ups that fixed all your bugs.
There was one huge bug in your ROM.
There were also two other problems.
I have fixed everything.
(Ups was attached to the server of NGMation.)

This is due to assigning a very strange address.

You are extending the class.
And you are apply extended patch of saved data for class extension.
An extended patch of saved data is assigned to 0xE80000.

But somehow, you assign a table to ch 1 events table for 0xE80000.
The area where the program of the patch that extends the save data is written is the same as the area where the information of the event is set.

When you changed the event table of ch1, the program was also destroyed.
In your ROM of yesterday, ch1’s event was 0x9E879C instead of 0xE80000.
Perhaps this is a correct address.
Why did you change to this wrong value?

Detection with Diff debugging tool.

There were also other problems.

Yesterday, I pointed out a bug in your ROM.
I told you there was no load unit in your party.

You fixed it, but you make a mistake at fixing it.

You also have UnitID: 0x02 as a load unit.
This time there are too many load units.

Probably, only the UnitID: 0x01 and UnitID: 0x0F can be loaded in FE 8.

Other than that, do not use it as a load unit.
When loading data, it confuses the game engine.

I removed the load unit flag from UnitID: 0x02.

Finally, you are using Unit ID: 0x76 for the enemies of ch1.

This data is used in world map skirmishes monster.
In this area, mini mug is set to 0.
However, with this setting, will behave strangely during the game.
You should set this value to a nonzero value.
In the ups that I modified, I kept it the same value as in the prologue.

When I take the difference with diff debug tool, you have made a lot of modifications during the day.
You added portraits and you added 2 more patches.
Moreover, you changing various texts and so on.

If you change something, please check the operation.

If there is a problem, please exit without saving.
And please try again from the last data.

It is troublesome to confirm, but it is important to make sure one by one.

I think that you can easily check if you stop counting the parameters using cheat.
Just press this button with the FEBuilderGBA.