Game freezes on Game Over

I don’t know exactly what is causing it, but my game freezes when I should get a game over. For example, when my Lord dies he says his death qoute, dies and the game just stals endlessly. It’s still playing the music and the map sprites still music. Any idea how I can I fix it?

Which FE are you playing?

FE7. Sorry should have mention that :sweat_smile:

You probably do, but you do have a CauseGameOverIfLordDies in your MISC events, right?

According to the EAstdlib, it can also look something like “AFEV 0 pointer 0x65”,

Yeah, I have this in my scripts.

EDIT: It works now, using the “AFEV 0 pointer 0x65”. I tried it first with 0x65 but nothing happens, so I tried it with 0x66 and now it works fine. :confused: