[full][download][release] squisherz!

Hey, fellow baes! :heart_eyes: Has the totally extra SquisherZ™ ad got you turnt :fire: yet? :smirk:

Now listen closely, because boy do I have some TEA :clap: to :clap: spill, gurl.

I’ll have you know that my uncle works at Monarch™…
And he sent me an EARLY COPY of SquisherZ™!! That’s right sis, I have SquisherZ™ MONTHS before the release date…

Don’t be throwing shade :sunglasses: at me cause I have SquisherZ™ MONTHS :calendar_spiral: before release - I know I’m humble bragging, but… :smirk:
I dumped the ROM - and you hunty’s deserve to be just as woke as me! :100:
Now you ALL can finesse SquisherZ™ (for the GameChamp™) RIGHT NOW! :arrow_down:
You thirsty hoes better get on it before Monarch™ gets sus’d at us! :no_entry_sign:

It’s going to be SO EPIC you guys, so why not join in and get TURNT with millions of other players? Yeet!


you a day early bro


You mean I’m MONTHS early!!
This game is releasing this fall!


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okay leonarth is confirmed corporate brand account


I see a direct link to a rom, I download. Lucky that mods haven’t taken it down yet

This was already addressed, they allowed it

Oh I figured, due to the, uh, “nature” of the rom. I was making a joke