Fresh meat looking for guidance

Hello everyone, I’ve recently started trying out old Fire emblem games via ROMs and I’m having some trouble getting the sacred stones to work. Any tips on how to get it to work?

trying another emulator?

I don’t really know that many emulators, so far I’ve only used Dolphin, but if you know any that work well, I’d be happy to listen.

mGBA is the best GBA emulator. To use it, just right click the rom and open it with the emulator.

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Thank you

also Visual Boy Advance is good

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mGBA is a bit more robust and looks better, but VBA is probably easier for a computer to run (at least in my experience).

I know there are VBA mods since it’s been around longer that enable multiplayer but doubt that’ll matter with FE.

Good luck!

Thanks! I’m actually trying to play vision quest


For playing most games, VBA will generally work just fine.

But for rom hacking, VBA is not recommended because you will miss bugs. VBA automatically turns bad commands into NOPs, so it won’t necessarily crash when mGBA or real hardware would. It is also less accurate. If you rom hack it’s best to use mGBA so you’ll see these crashes and don’t force your playerbase to only use VBA.

I’ve also seen the occasional game bug that was exclusive to VBA. Those are a pain because they do not occur on more accurate emulators / real hardware. It means the bugs cannot be resolved in no$gba, which is far superior for debugging.

Thanks for the info