Freezing/Crashing Mod Error using Snow Map in FE8 with Adjacent Units

I am working on a FE8 Mod using FEBuilder. I ran into a problem with the new map that I am working on, which uses the snow map from FE7 in FE8.

The entire mod is freezing/crashing whenever I move one of my units adjacent to an enemy unit to attack as well as when I move a unit onto a house. There is no freeze/crash when I try to do a ranged attack against an enemy - only adjacent attacks, and it only appears to be happening on the snow map.

Has anyone seen this type of issue before or have any ideas how to solve this? I honestly have no idea how this can be fixed at this point. Does it make sense to go back to an earlier version of the mod and try again?

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Please send report 7z.

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