Freeze Staff & Crit Boost FE Builder Patch


Is there an ASM or patch created in FE Builder to allow for either:

  • Multiple Critical Boost Abilities: Like if I wanted to give Halberdiers a +15 Crit Boost and Swordmasters a +20 Crit Boost. I believe this is possible if using the Skill System, but how about for non-skill system hacks?

  • Freeze Staff: A staff that sets target’s movement to 0 on the next turn. I found this one pretty interesting in Fire Emblem Fates. Just wondering if there was a way to do this in the GBA Fire Emblems.


There is indeed a actual way to implement a 15% Crit Boost of any class of your choice instead of the usual Swordmasters, Beserkers and Supertrainees.

If you don’t have FEBuilderGBA installed on your computer or laptop, I would suggest downloading it. It’s a really awesome tool, it’s also not complicated like Nightmare. Here’s the link to the tool.

Once you do get that done, open up the tool and with whatever FE GBA game you have. Click on the choice that says Open Rom, once you done doing that. It should open up the game’s inside goodies and choices to click on and mess around with, you should see Class Editor. Here’s a picture.

You click that and you should see all of the classes, click the class of choice and you’ll see a list of options to choose. In the bottom section, you’ll see Ability section. Ability 1 has Crit Boost, right in there. As you can see in this picture.

Press that check box and it’ll give that class an automatic 15% Crit Boost, but above 20 isnt an option. No ASM hack so far dedicates to a Crit Boost increase of choice. . . Yet? Maybe one day.

As for the second, well none have yet made a freeze as a status effect asm hack to add with the other status effects. Well maybe one day also, someone could make one.


Thanks for the response. I am familiar with the Critical Boost ability in FEBuilder. I also believe there might be a way to change the 15% to a different number within the Patch menu.

I am mostly wondering if another ability slot can be repurposed to a critical boost of a different value. For example, maybe you have no use for the Play (Bard) ability or the Athos Lock in your hack. Can these be replaced easily?


You’re welcome! Glad I could help out with that, well. . . Not sure much about messing with the patch, assuming you mean the Skill Patch right?

Hmmm. . . That would be really tough I believe, cause those choices are hardcoded into the GBA games. You would literally have to rebuild the rom to just to change those choices.


Both have no patches.
You need to write ASM yourself.

I think that patches for critical users are relatively easy.
but, I think the staff is very difficult.