Free Data in FE8 Questions

This was on an old post a year ago and I have a few questions?


"Please confirm the integrity of and contribute to these lists.

~~ FE 6 ~~

0x002DBF50 to 0x002DBF8C - used by FEditor auto patching system

0x00817A00 to 0x00A00000 - confirmed

0x00A297B0 to 0x00B00000 - confirmed

0x00B013F0 to 0x01000000 - confirmed

~~ FE 7 ~~

0x000CB51A to 0x000CB7E8 - used by FEditor auto patching system

0x00D00000 to 0x00D90000 - confirmed

0x00DA0000 to 0x00E00000 - confirmed?

~~ FE 8 ~~

0x003C0010 to 0x003C0044 - used by FEditor auto patching system

0x00B2A610 to 0x00C00000 - confirmed"

My Questions:

  1. Is there empty space in Sacred Stones from offset E47180 on because it looks like it unless all those FF’s mean something?
  2. I read Brendor’s - “Animations are halfwords post” and I wondered If I increase the max animations will I need to make more space and move data around in Hxd so they don’t overwrite other data?
  1. probably not? if its not on the free space list then don’t do it

  2. no, FEditor automatically handles all the free space for you so it shouldn’t be something you have to worry about

I mean changing the java from FF max animations to FFFF which is past normal limit