Fractured Realms

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It’s come to my attention there’s a problem with ch7, so I’ll be posting a hotfix either tomorrow or wednesday, depending on if any other serious bugs come to light.


First post has been updated with the hotfix, as well as logs that are updated in real time


I’ve considered for a while to switch to fe9’s style of supports (after X chapters together, units can support at different levels), mainly because I like the idea of the supports being affected by the plot of what’s going on.
I may end up doing this regardless of the results of the poll, but I think I should have one anyway.

  • FE9 Style - Unlock supports after X amount of chapters together
  • GBA Style - Unlock supports from player interaction(waiting near each other, ect)

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FE9’s support system is more flexible - think it’s a good idea.


Add an FE10 feature too where you can unfriend your pairings like it’s Facebook.


sorry hector, but im blocking you now


You could in theory make that possible with the addition of the Gain Support at Various Ranges patch -> set to whole map.

Then you can do math to calculate how many turns it would take for each rank.

For my own hack, I made a support calculator in Google Sheets that does the math for you. All you have to do is input the starting value and value per turn and it tells you how many turns it takes to get from unranked -> C, C ->B, and B ->A.

If you’re interested, I can share the sheet with you (It’d be nice to have somebody double check my work, lol).


he’s using fexna lmao shouldn’t be too hard in that


Oh, I already know how to do it, and since this is FEXNA I don’t need any patches
But thanks!


Ah gotcha. I still don’t actually know what FEXNA’s capable of. My bad.


FEXNA is pretty much capable of anything


FEXNA isn’t capable of fixing my marriage and pulling me out of crippling debt as well as curing my broken legs & crippling lung cancer in addition to my toxic addiction to gambling my savings.


How do you know? It isn’t released yet


As somebody who is divorced, in crippling debt from buying too many cigarettes (thus giving me lung cancer which I need to pay for the bills from treatment) and gambling, and broke my legs from my wife hitting them with a steel baseball bat, I can say that I am hoping FEXNA will resolve my issues.


so long as they forget to include the jesus second coming package…



Ch6 is finally underway

If you can find the Easter egg shh



Could y’all by chance do a tutorial on how to use fexna? I would like to start getting into it.


so would everyone
problem is, it isn’t out yet other than to a select crew of beta testers


When you say isn’t out yet, do you mean it’s still in beta or there’s no public release of fexp? because if you mean there’s no public release I found one and have the files.