Fractured Realms

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Eric why you making bad maps of bad games? ’ 3’


that’s about it, my excuses are limited :B


arglgrablegarbleglrlble. . .

i want.


Heyo we’re on hiatus for uh
no reason in particular…


hiatus is over
because i have a degree now (despite starting another one)
I’ve been working basically underground since idk; I got my degree in December so January probably

Anyway, you came to see how much I overhauled… tbh everything (but that’s to be expected the last update was 2 years ago)

I’ll post something significant soon, not sure what exactly to post; I didn’t want to say anything until I had all of part 1 finished, but given the fact that I may or may not have to request outside help for things like skill icons and spritework (my work is pretty meh on both of these), figured I should at least say “hey it’s not dead anymore”


Here’s a thing

More to come at some point


I honestly have no idea what to really post on the regular so uh
I hang out in my discord channel, you can too if you’re interested in progress


Hum dee dum
Should have mentioned this sooner, but I am in search of help with aspects of the project

Spritework - Faces sprites and Skill Icons specifically
Writing - Supports, it would be helpful to have someone who writes a preliminary set conversations that I could just modify if aspects do not work
Playtesting - Maybe 2 or 3 more idk

That’s it for the most part I think, if anyone is interested, the discord link is in the previous post.

Oh, and the first release should be around FEE3, possibly sooner, and will have 10+ chapters to play.


I really should try to remember to update at least once a month


I also like dogs.


the beauty of FEXNA lets me jump around in chapters with little issue


out of personal curiosity, how difficult would it be to add a magic stat?


As far as I know it’s not difficult to implement it, but the editor itself doesn’t support adding stats as of now.

When it is fully released, I imagine that functionality will be there.


Out of curiosity. When do you think you can post a download link so we can play your game?


I hope by the end of November to have all 10 chapters of part 1 finished, with the download shortly following.



Was a part of FEE3 this year, here’s a preview of what’s to come.

@Myke :heart:


I was going to just say that I updated the first post a bit, but I had some stuff laying around in my screenshot folder from the newest chapter.


Version 1.0 Release
Bug Log

That was a fun weekend



I’ll look forward to giving this a go this Wednesday/Thursday.


Played a few chapters, clearly loads of work went into this. The art is excellent and the writing is solid.

I get Holmes vibes from Sugari and I’m into it.