Fractured Realms

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any fans of ffta out there?


This looks pretty neat.
However, the unit info panel that shows up when you hover the cursor over a unit seems really large. It takes up enough space that it obscures a large portion of the map, and kind of gets in the way. Maybe get rid of some extraneous information?


well you could always make the backing for the unit info box thing a little bit more translucent. or just make it smaller.

still looks like some fun experimentation is going on. looking forward to giving it a go.


Are you referring to the X/Y because you never actually see that in-game

If you’re referring to the unit info, it’s exactly the same as fe7x

and both are translucent


I’m referring to the unit info. It doesn’t really matter if it’s in FE7x or not. I still think it takes up too much space that could otherwise be used to look at the units and map :V


Actually it does matter because you failed to mention it(or anyone has for that matter) until today; which makes we wonder why it now bothers you and it didn’t previously, as well as in order for me to change that I’d have to break down the entire display because I’m not the one who coded it.

And I really don’t see the issue because you kind of move the cursor around and the display moves out of your way, but hey if anyone else wants to say this is now a problem despite having no issues with it before, be my guest to suggest how it should look and I’ll see if I want to go through the trouble of changing it.


I didn’t mention it before because I don’t follow FE7x.
All that really needs to be cut out is the hit, dmg, crit, avo section. Then it’s fine.


…So you want the gba screen.

And call me a skeptic, but I find it hard to believe you never saw anything of fe7x in it’s long years of production and being a member of a few FE forums it’s posted on.


Admittedly, the HP and XP bar don’t add much to the game; the numbers in the textbox, along with the bars underneath each unit, would suffice for those purposes. I like the Hit/Damage/Critical/Avoid being easy to immediately see, but the bars themselves seem redundant. Just my two cents, though.


I think I agree, since you can already see how much hp you have under the unit and exp is always out of 100 so no real need for a bar for it


Since it’s been a while since I posted anything and I don’t feel like bs-ing another bunch of screenshots showing off non-story things, I thought why not do some biography crap for the characters that you’ve encountered throughout enduring the train-wreck that is commonly referred to as my project.

Yeah, that’s all one sentence; fight me.

So uh… Idk I’ll try to do one-three profiles a week until I cover everyone important enough(and actually have something else to procure).

The first three up for profiles are Sugari, Altareah, and Denson; go [“vote”][1] on it. First to 10 will be up first.

10 has been hit


Sounds spiff. I will eagerly await the thing.


You and me both…


looks like Altareah won, so I’ll get to that


[spoiler=Altareah, Sword of Drytton]
Since the beginning of her days, Altareah “Reah” Alkia had been a fighter. In fact, her very first battle for survival was during her birth, which she emerged victorious at the cost of her mother’s life. Her father, General Rufio, raised her in the capital city of Drytton, where she flourished in her studies, yet always longed for the next challenge to overcome.
Since General Rufio was the head of Drytton’s army, Reah met many of its knights and nobles at a young age, some being Lady Renee, Princess Rika, King Maasius, and the controversial Prince Sugari.
Lady Renee served as a role model and mentor for Reah, inspiring her to ask General Rufio about the qualifications of becoming a knight. Despite not wanting his daughter to be involved in anything that could end with bloodshed; Rufio knew if he didn’t train her, she would somehow learn regardless. For those reasons, he agreed and trained Reah how to wield a sword at age 11. Reah served as Renee’s squire during the time of her training, and the two built a very strong friendship between them.
Princess Rika was a big part of Reah’s want to serve the Drytton throne. Despite being four years younger, Rika was well spoken for her age, and mature beyond her visable years. She taught Reah about the history of Drytton and of her ancestry. Rika also served as a mediator for many of the arguments between Reah and Rika’s elder brother, Sugari.
Reah and Prince Sugari’s relationship can be described as somewhat of a love-hate relationship, due to Reah’s natural stubborn and competitive nature, and Sugari’s love for undermining others. Whatever Reah managed to do, Sugari always was able to surpass her with less than half of the effort, which frustrated her. However, some people believe this is an act, for typically when it’s just the two of them together, they don’t fight very often. Their rivalry, however, is very real, and began the year Reah entered the seasonal Drytton Tournament.
At age 16, Reah and Renee decided that Reah’s training was at the level she could compete at. General Rufio wasn’t comfortable with the idea, but again, put his beliefs aside for the sake of his daughter’s and allowed her admission. Mainly because every entrant would be given a skilled healer to keep their swordsman in good health. Surprisingly, all of Reah’s fights went exceptionally well; she went undefeated until the semi-round, proving her skill with a sword was no joke. However, in that very round, a familiar face stood in opposition of the final battle; Prince Sugari. Despite not being known for his swordsmanship, Sugari was a natural for picking up new abilities with little training. According to his teacher, Denson Richaard, he was trained exactly one hour before the tournament began. The two dueled for a decent amount of time, yet it was apparent to all but Reah that Sugari was messing around. Eventually, she was defeated by him; but instead of taking the final match, Sugari decided to forfeit, saying he only entered to try and defeat Reah.
Despite the crushing defeat by “an untrained fool”, Reah trained harder than ever and started sparring with Sugari in order to bring her skills up to par. However, Sugari refused to use a sword again, believing that spears were inherently superior, further adding to Reah’s difficulty in defeating him. However, being the “stubborn mule” that she is, there is no plan of slowing her training.

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