Fractured Realms: 1.2.1 Update

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There’s dialogue specifying that some soldiers will destroy buildings (they have torches so you know visually who they are). Tilechange is a mistake I guess, will look into.

Re: Tyro, yeah probably; will throw it in the “do this at some point” pile

I believe it was this one.

Kind of harsh if they destroy houses. I’m guessing visiting them doesn’t prevent them being destroyed?

It does not, no. Churches can also be destroyed.

Okay. Will check out those events, thanks!

This was a mistake. Yikes.

I’m going to keep Sugari far away from bosses from now on.

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Quick hotfix update will probably be up tomorrow, it addresses the balance/random errors that were reported.


Love the game so far
But all my charas are die far to easy
but oh well

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Okay that took longer than expected due to school being a thing.

Anyway, updated link in the first post.

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update #2 because something broke, this is a temporary update, as the next will be version 1.3

I guess I never actually posted this here because I’m stupid but I’ve been working on rewrites for some of the plot aspects of the game. Nothing really changes in Sugari’s chapters (a new character is replacing Denson’s role), and Barnaldo is… basically being written out in favor of a different character. Reasoning being I couldn’t figure out a real link between the two main characters, and despite how much I enjoyed making those chapters (and somehow creating a meme in one of them), I had no choice but to kick him.

As of now, chapters up to 4 have been redone to varying degrees, and the next release (which will certainly not be 1.3) will encompass all the chapters it was originally going to include (ie Prologue -> Interlude).

Sorry about the wait and lack of information. You can always feel free to join my discord as well for any information on progress or to help out anything (mostly face sprites).


Why is Denson getting replaced? Does the new unit have a different class, too?

(also, something something yorrick)

It’s his role that’s being replaced in favor of a real jeigan that sticks with Sugari instead of leaving. Denson is still around. The new unit does have a different class (promoted).

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Ah, okay.

There goes my best example of how to make an Archer good…

update on the changes and stuff

some classes are getting dual promotions, mainly the t0’s
I have set up most of them, but there is one that I haven’t decided on and wanted community opinion on which to go with (because I’m fine with either option); the recruit (Catalena)
Catty is slated to get cavalier and one other class but I have not decided what

  • Cavalier & Pegasus Knight
  • Cavalier & Soldier
  • Cavalier & Something else (post what that is)

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I do not want Cavalier & Armor fyi this is why it’s not an option on my poll


Cav vs Soldier is a strange one - I can’t see anyone not picking the mount.


This, but with the added stipulation of “unless it’s not a standard Soldier class”. Gotta have some kind of incentive to be a reason to pick it, some kind of unique property, utility, access to magic, etc.

I mean clearly people went armor amelia in fe8, so people don’t want mounts all the time

Well, your only other option for Armorknight in FE8 is Gilliam, while you have 3 other Cavaliers (all of which could go Great Knight if you really wanted, but if you’re going Armor, you’re probably going General anyway), so there’s a bit of a class disparity (or memes) in that weighing into it as well.

Having not had the opportunity to play FR yet, I’m not sure if there’s another Soldier in the roster, so that could be a unique niche option for the character to take then, especially if there are things available to it that Cavaliers/Paladins/etc. don’t get access to (or if it had a natural Horseslayer ability making it a great counter to cavalry, etc.) or if Cavaliers aren’t as dominant compared to their normal selves (I know FE7x/XNA is only single weapon which helps, but also nerfed stat caps like RD, etc.). But if it’s GBA Cav (grounded w/ movement, Swords, Lances) vs Peg (flight, Lances), it’s a relatively balanced choice, whereas for Cav vs Soldier (grounded w/ less move, Lances), the scales are a little tipped.

one day left but I think it’s not going to change
so peg/cav it shall be

And yeah I have single weapon cavs

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I’m guessing the difference is soldier having higher combat stats and probably +10 hit.

basically that yeah