Fractured Realms: 1.2.1 Update

so would everyone
problem is, it isn’t out yet other than to a select crew of beta testers

When you say isn’t out yet, do you mean it’s still in beta or there’s no public release of fexp? because if you mean there’s no public release I found one and have the files.

Both. Also, FEXP is not FEXNA.

Ah ok, thank you

So does that mean that fexna is basically just FEBuilder but with the fexp “engine”.

No, they’re entirely different.

And this topic isn’t where you should be asking questions solely related to FEXNA progress and beta testing.
That would be here.


Didn’t realize I was going against my own standard rip

Bug on Ronaldo Chapter 1 - game crashes when you try to skip an enemy going through the stairs

Yeah that’s in the bug report already, but thanks.

I made a feedback form via google. If you’ve finished the demo, a response would be lovely.
Thank you!

Next full update should be coming in around 2 weeks, before the new year. It will include all of Sugari’s part 1 chapters(pro-ch8 with balance edited) and hard mode for the first half of it(pro-ch3x) as well. Barnaldo’s chapters will be re-balanced and will also have hard mode. Xenologue 2 will be included.

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Hype keep it up man been loving things so far.

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I added a poll to the first post. Who’s your favorite character so far?
The results don’t really matter, but I’m curious :open_mouth:

Oh, and some QOL changes, as well as hardmode being very much active. I’ve decided I might as well just do all of the playable chapters in hardmode instead of waiting, so that can be expected in the future.

And yes, Denson has a new class.


Let’s get some newer content in


Some update to Barne’s chapters, as well as the newest


Fuck that’s one ugly mug in the bottom right, I hope whoever made it feels bad.


I hope he doesn’t :frowning:


No screenshots this time around, but update should be coming either this week or early next

Will include Pro -> Ch8, Xe1 & Xe2

Hardmode for all of them

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Keep up the good work man. It’s been a pretty good run of this so far. I’ll give a more full expression of the game when I have more time this weekend.

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Is santana recruitable in 1.01 or only in the new update?