Four questions about romhacking

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1/ Do you know if there is some patch from FEbuilder that are not compatible with another one ?

2/ Do I still need to use Anti-Huffman patch and other Nintenlord’s patch before installing any patch from FEBuilder ?

3/ Same question but for the FE8 151 skills patch ?

4/ Do you know if “vanilla patch” that include all the good QoL content exist for FE8 ?

Well thanks for reading.

1 - Most of the time FEBuilder should tell you if a patch aren’t compatible with each other, like if you have it installed, and then go to add another patch that isn’t compatible it should tell you.

2 - I believe you should only need Anti-Huffman if you replace text in game(Correct me if I am wrong though, I’m still only an advanced noob about this stuff.)

3 - Not sure, sorry.

4 - If I remember correctly, one does exist, But I’m not sure if FEBuilder has it.

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Ok I was thinking it may work like that, thanks for confirmation.

I see, so Anti-Huffman still required for text replacement…

No problem, just want to be sure I don’t mess up things.

Well I would like to know where I can find it if such patch exist, google didn’t help.
EDIT: wait it may be a waste because the skill patch may not be compatible with it anyway and it comes with stuff like str/magic split right ?


I’m not sure if that is the case, since I’ve never used the Str/Magic split patch.

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The str/mag split for the skill system is currently awaiting review.

Many patches can be made compatible with some effort, but are not compatible in febuilder, if you want to get in deep with the stuff you are adding to the rom you won’t find that in febuilder.

Also the skill system includes the essential fixes patch, as well as things like hp bars and whatnot. At least the original version does, 7743 might have taken that stuff out for the febuilder patch.

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I’m sorry, what do you mean by “currently awaiting review”, bugs ?

Good to know, as a casual I won’t go in depht, i’m looking for a regular vanilla game but with features like skill system and the QoL stuff.

Great to hear.

So if I get it right : 1/ Anti-Huffman Patch, 2/ Skill System Patch, 3/ Whatever I want to add from FEbuilder patches.

Thanks !

This is where you can find the skill system, by awaiting review I meant that there was a pull request for it, which was still not merged in. It looks to have been accepted… right now.

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