Forgot to make one of these... woops

Heya! I planned on making one of these when I first made my account, but that ended up not happening. Either way, nice to meet everyone. Some people might already know me from randomly asking questions on discord, but I hope you people don’t find me that annoying! Not gonna bore you with all the stuff about the project I’m working on, especially since I’m finding it harder and harder to actually get the time to devote towards it. Doesn’t help that there’s so much I gotta learn to do before I can do it. My messages are always open if you wanna talk about something, so don’t be shy! When it comes to actually being helpful, I’m afraid the only thing I’m heavily experienced in is writing. I’ll stop rambling like an idiot and just say my discord now. Oh yeah my name’s Alice btw.

Discord: Fluttershy#7268

Welcome! Glad you’re here. And don’t feel bad for having a lot to learn, we all started off at some point and most all of us still have a lot to learn! (Just the other day, I managed to Bork some tile changes that I’ve set up a dozen times before lol)

Welcome to the board.
Beware the klok.

As someone who is also new(ish) around here, nice to meet you! Don’t worry about forgetting your introduction, I also forgot to do one. I’m sure I’ll get to it soon. Probably.

Anyway, hope you find some time to get on your project soon!

chill out

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome, hope you enjoy your time here!

Welcome aboard! :smiley:

Welcome to 'Universe! I hope you’ll enjoy your time here.:grinning:

We were to do an introduction?..