Forced talk events in the prep screen and unbanning characters

Hey, so Tyren replaces Matthew but in chapter 8 the vanilla text happens.

remember that stuff?

I tried going into feditor but it turns out that the game doesn’t load his portrait through text. Where do i go/ what do I do get rid of this event from happening?

next issue is that Matthew is banned from chapter 8, i know the character banner and forcer is a thing, but is there an unbanner? I heard there was.

I don’t see why you can’t just skip chapter 8’s index? Though this may be good to know if someone ever wanted to have one of these events in the prep screen.

I think the banned characters are handled via an array somewhere
The Matthew text thing is probably some hardcoded thing with the chapter index if it’s not events(I’m assuming you assembled custom events for ch8 already)
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I asked a similar question about Merlinus somewhere once. Maybe this will help.

So then ctrl+f CE0F in a hex editor and look for suspicious data

As far as I know, this is controlled by Event IDs.
I discovered this by using the 0x6A ID, which is used to determine if ch. 13x was played or not, after that ID being triggered, the next Ch. Merlinus will talk in the preparation screen.
At least that’s what happened when I used that ID after the Ch. 15, probably there will be other factors.

That would control what triggers the text but not how it’s handled