Foolish Levin tries a FE6 HM Draft Run

Because uhhhhhh I want a new and fresher FE6 experience, I think I want to do a FE6 HM draft run. So uuuhhhh give me units pls

I’ll show my playthrough progress in this thread too, so you’ll get to see me playing badly, ain’t that plus

Roy, Merlinus, and dancers are free

  1. Ogier - Dancer_A
  2. Bartre - Pushwall
  3. Fir - RandomWizard
  4. Lot - LegendofLoog
  5. Sophia - A_Reliable_Chair (thanks Chair very cool, also hey i picked you Jill smh)
  6. Juno - Zoisite
  7. Saul - Aegius
  8. Treck - DainnofGungnir
  9. Igrene - BuskHusker
  10. Wade - MintX
  11. Lugh - Bartz
  12. Marcus - PkMnBro1
  13. Jerrot - Laurent_Lacroix
    Thief : Astore - Zarg

Why 13 units? Iirc FE6 has a massive deployment count until like idk 14 in ch22? or idk i can’t exactly remember, so i dont want to be swarmed with a sea of enemies lol
13 is a good number i think, excluding roy, merlinus, dancer, and a thief

Also can you also pick either Chad, Astor, or Cath for my main thief?

Chad is a free unit until i get my main thief(unless he’s my main thief, and ofc he will be away from battles, will use only for stealing/looting until i get the said thief)

Pick me good unit pls T_T
and thank you!

maybe i’ll regret this later on idk
reminder : one person gets to give only one pick for me ty


Are you going for the true ending?

Oh yeah forgot that, yes I need to get the true ending.

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you should use
ogier the dane

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Alright. I considered torturing you with Karel, but… eh, that’s too mean even by my standards.

Instead, use Fir. F!Myrmidons are cool.


Use Lot.


Sophia. I’m getting revenge for my RD draft.

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You should use Astor as your thief. See what he has in Astore for you.

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I choose you, Juno!


(also, somebody do dayan so he has to go sacae route)

no >:)

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Sue, Saul, Sophia, or Cecilia.

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use treck





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I think since Juno was picked I forced to do Ilia so, no Sue ig

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Are you thinking of Shin?

Isn’t Sue recruited in Ch 6 prior to the route split?

EDIT: Actually, Shin is recruited before the split too. I guess you’re referring to the leveling. Yeah makes sense. nevermind, I see Zoisite said it’s dependant on Tate and Shanna

you go to sacae if sue and shin are a higher level than tate and shanna

You should use Lugh!

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