Fomortiis and Fire Dragon Commission Request

Hi all! I’m new to FEUniverse so apologies but I think I have a grasp on how this works?

I’m looking for somebody to do a Fomortiis and Fire Dragon portrait/mug. Talking, blinking and mini included. Of course since they’re a fair bit more difficult than human faces, I am obviously willing to pay.

I hope to hear from one of y’all soon ^^

Why’re you after them/what’re they for? What’s your paying price?

I did a frame rig of Formortiis’ classcard a while ago and happen to have an ancient fire dragon laying around. Maybe someone’s got something better or is willing to make it for you, maybe you’d be happy with a colorization and frames on these misfits, either way, providing more details would help.

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Ah! I’m creating something I’m dubbing as “True Random Recruitment” which basically puts every character, bosses and NPCs included, into a pool and they’re randomized from there. I’m doing two versions of it, one where the pools are limited to their game and another where all 3 are included. I want to include every boss, including Fomortiis, Idunn and the Fire Dragon. Idunn exists already obviously but since Fomortiis and the Fire Dragon only have battle cards I need to commission them if I wish to include them.

I’m looking around $35 CAD but I’m willing to go much higher if y’all think that’s too low. Obviously I’ve never commissioned something like the Demon King and the Fire Dragon.

I am 80% certain that putting the fire dragon, Formortiis, and Idoun in the same room together and having their battlesprites duke it out will have a bit more technical difficulty than just acquiring mugs.

If you’re able to complete the challenge of getting everything else to work, I’ll gladly do the effort of getting appropriate dialogue mugs for them.

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This is probably relevant:

We had a discussion a while back regarding commission prices. If anything it’ll help you set an anchor price, instead of just offering $35 CAD outta the blue.

Edit: Feel free to join the FEU Discord, there’s a channel dedicated to sprite work.

I mean I already do have most of my work done for both fe6 and fe7’s first version (unfortunately since in that version I couldn’t get ahold of a Fire Dragon mug prior to that he had to be cut) And the odds of Fomortiis, Idunn and The Fire Dragonn actually ending up together even on the second form are low since there’s a high chance they become NPCS or Bosses or just in different games and different maps. HOWEVER. I do happen to know due to Marlon’s content that having the three in one room actually is very much possible. And when it came down to it I was planning to hit up Marlon to ask how he did it in the case I couldn’t figure out how to myself.

@anon98251803 (no idea how else to reply to two people besides @ing) Thank you so much for linking that! I was ironically originally thinking 40 CAD which would be about what Arch thought would be fair in USD. (To be fair that was under the assumption of 1 character, so I suppose the better price would be 80 for both Fom and FD) I’m relatively knew obviously but I wasn’t actually aware there was a Discord server here!

Marlon’s battles appear to be done in FEXP, so if you go that route I assume you’ll need to build a randomizer for it and port FE6, FE7, and FE8 into it. (Or I’m not quite sure what you’re after in a super-randomizer.)

Ah I must have been less clear in what I meant. I’m not intending to make a new randomizer like the main ones. I’m intending to pretty much reskin FE6-8 as RR like stuff. Basically it’s a one off version opposed to a consistently able to be randomized one. I don’t quite have the skills to make a whole randomizer. I have the skills to do it manually as one off randomizations. The “randomizations” are done fully by hand and not a program. Basically, I’m doing it all by hand just like a reverse recruitment. Apologies for the misunderstanding.

I mean, calling your project True Random anything when it’s done by hand is going to lead to confusion.

I still don’t get what engine you are doing this for though.

Normal GBA. FE6, FE7, FE8. It’s done with FEBuilder. I’ll admit I can see why it’d be confusing. It’s just the name I’ve been going with pre-release. But no. Right now they’re just people being recruited, or not recruited, at random times. Like where it’s impossible to know who’s coming next until you’re at the least character. Hellene could be Eliwood, Athos could be Eleanora, Bernard could be Nergal. Etc.

But how did you decide who gets recruited when?

You say that they are recruited at “random” times, but did you randomize these decisions before adding them in or is it all picked by hand?

Please don’t use the word random if it doesn’t correspond to what’s happening, it gets confusing fast.

Random name picker. I put every name into random name picker. I had a pre-done list. Random name picker chose the names. The ones that were chosen went with whoever was next on the list.

Pinging is fine, but you should take the pricing ‘standard’ with a grain of salt. At the end of the day it comes down to negotiation between you and your commissioned artist(s).

That being said, there’s no need to focus on art up front. If you show evidence of a solid hack, artists may be interested in providing content pro bono.

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See for Fom to be used I’d need the art pre-done. What I suppose I could do is use something very generic however.

Not really. You always could use the ? mug as a placeholder.

Oh true. I never even considered using the ? mug.