[FIXED]Enemy Pirates In Prologue Freeze Game

Hello everyone, yet again a problem I have encountered that I cannot troubleshoot on my own.
Long story short, there seems to be something wrong with the enemy pirates I placed in the prologue, which cause the game to freeze whenever it is their turn to attack. This does not happen with animations off, but I could not identify any problem with the pirate animations, and replacing it with one from the repo did not fix it either. I honestly have no clue what could be causing the problem. I’ll post updates If I figure something out.
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I figured out the cause of the issue. I modified the weapons list, and the iron axe the pirates use is over runesword, which has hard coding to always use a ranged attack, which iron axes don’t have. I just changed the hardcoding and it works as intended.

There’s no value to reordering the item table and you will likely break a lot of code that references specific item IDs, so I would recommend against it.

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Febuilder has patches on known hard coding, but it is far from complete. It may be fine to rearrange some hard coding things, but a single ID could have many hard coded addresses. It is generally easiest to just avoid the IDs that have the hard coding land mine unless you really know what you’re doing.