First time splicing

Hi there, this is my first time splicing sprites together so it’s pretty basic, but I wanted to share it and see if anyone had any helpful tips or feedback. I plan to use this character for a hack I’m going to be starting this year, her name is Moira.


Any feedback, creative or technical is much appreciated!


Beautiful swormaster girl (//∇//)\

Well, first off I wanna say it looks pretty good, however I find the skintone a bit strange is the base color shared with part of the hair?

Thanks for rhe replies! Ill have to double check later, but I dont think they should be the same palette. I did all the palette editing in Usenti, orginially I had planned to make her blonde but I couldnt get it quite right, so eventually I settled on that color there. Do you think the hair or the skin color is the issue?

There’s some weird stuff going on with the outline, and yeah the skin tone’s off (I’d recommend referencing vanilla FE8 skintones). This was done in the CharacterCreator, right?

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Ya it was, and then I spent some time changing some stuff on , and then changed the colors in Usenti. I thought something mightve looked a little wierd with the outline, but I wasnt sure and decided yo just leave it.

It’s just that when I was half asleep last night the skintone seemed weird to me, although looking at it now it actually looks pretty alright. Maybe it was just my weird brain being hardwired to pre existing FE gba skintones, it’s actually the only part of a sprite I always reference a canon Portrait for. Most of the canon characters have very “pale” base tones with alot of the shading doing the heavy lifting in creating their skin color, just in my experience, it obviously differs for some, but it might be a good idea to reference this image.
(I can’t remember who originally posted this, I’m sorry)
It helped me alot first starting out.


I see my favorite swordmaster Karel in all series FE here (//∇//)\

Ah thanks, you know I completely forgot about that reference image when I was making that sprite, should come in handy.

No problem, just trying to help out a fellow amateur splicer out there

I prefer Blade’s skin tone sheet


Looks great so far!