First time Splicer - Feedback welcome!

Hey all! I’m a long time lurker who’s just found the courage to start posting. I recently started splicing portraits for a project I’m working on, and wanted to get some feedback or helpful tips. I can do a few basic outfit mods, but changing dimensions of faces or outfits is something that’s outside my skill level for now.

wip filled in

Any creative or technical advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


for a first time they look pretty good, my main drawback is the colors, lot of grays and some colors look worn out or dull like the lad with the red hair at the bottom

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Thanks! Yeah, I realized that I was repeating the same color scheme too much (it was hard to notice until I compiled all the images). Changing colors is a pretty easy fix, so I’ll probably do that at some point.

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Aside the color issue that was already mentioned, I found that some characters’ hair doesn’t end off right, almost as if the body from the base is still there.

Still a phenomenal job.


Thank you :slight_smile: Could you point out which ones specifically you’re talking about? I definitely struggled a bit with hair and neck placement for sure.

Why the hell is she naked?

The ones with Marisa and Serene’s hair.

Ahh, I see what you’re saying. I’ll definitely look into fixing that, though I’ll need to conceptualize what that will look like. Thanks for the critique.

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Try to add some clothes on the arms to show she’s wearing something. The breasts look fine.

She’s supposed to have her chest wrapped in bandages sarashi-style (inspiration is Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail), but I couldn’t make any bandages that looked good, so I just scratched it for now and going with the explanation that they were cut off lol. I’ll give it another shot when I get better at drawing stuff.