First portrait, enlighten me with feedback!

Hello, fellow FE nerds!

It would be awesome, if you could provide some tips and advice for this first experiment. Thanks!

Introducing Test Subject One or short Tess:

Modified version:

And I also have a question: I tried recolouring Eirika’s battle sprite. I wanted to make Eirika’s cape red but that also makes her hair red. Is it possible to go for the red cape and brown hair in Usenti or do I have to go for the brown cape?


The hair lacks shading and in general the outline looks fuzzy, but I like it.

The minimug tho…

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You should probably move the main portrait to the left, or else it’s gonna get fucked up by the hackbox

The minimug is supposed to be like that, I find stupid minimugs amusing :smiley: But thanks!

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Like what jey said, the outline kind of needs some improvement as there are noticeable jaggies but the overall looks splendid to me

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The modified version looks much better in my opinion. Is this your first portrait you’ve made? That’s really impressive!

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It is the first one. Not sure how long other people need for one but it took a few days. And thanks a lot, that’s a good motivation to keep going!

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This looks great! I’m no art critique but you definitely have talent for portrait creation especially since this is your first one, keep it up!