Fire Shell or FEXNA[Resolved]

Well, you know, i was waiting for the complete Fire Shell release for doing my hack and in the meantime i was prepairing graphics, characters and things… But recently i’ve thought about FEXNA. Now i’m pretty confused :\ have to say that i “know” how to hack the GBAFEs, but never tried using any other metods.
For you guys, considering all, is that better for me to wait for the release of Fire Shell or for the one of FEXNA?

as someone who’s doing stuff on both fronts, i would say stick with gba for now. XNA has a lot of stuff you can’t do with gba, but it’s also still in the testing stages. Meaning you can’t exactly do anything with it until it gets released(Not sure when that’s happening). GBA is right in front of you and can be used pretty well with the right skills(ex: EN).

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thanks. i think i’ll go with gba then!

finally an unbiased representative of XNA


Hey you. Shush XD

Besdides I always say use FEXP so you know how to use FEXNA when it’s released. And tbh fireshell is looking tempting now that I’ve done a fully features romhack of my own. I’m considering porting FE8 chapters to FE7 so I can cut out the tower and world-map mechanics.

Though TBH I like the dual promotion system of FE8 too…

FEXP is broken and incomplete, though. Why tell people to drive on a car with three wheels?

To be honest, I personally put FEXNA out of my mind after Myke’s recent progress vlog.

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What progress vlog? I didn’t realize those were a thing, I thought they just posted on their forum… What went wrong? .-.