Fire Emblem: War of blood and Coin planning phase

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I don’t think what you have is a bad outline. In terms of writing quality, I like it. I thought that it might’ve zoomed by a little too quickly, but I don’t particularly know if the story goes by too fast until it’s in game though, because of how fast I read.
I can at least say this: your opening narration provides a strong enough hook for me to see what lies beyond it, which is something that I like to see.
As for a name, I’ll just suggest Trikingdom Strife (or alternately Tri-Kingdom Strife) and say good luck!

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Honestly I’m intrigued as well.

As for names i can think of a couple,

  1. Kings of Blood and Coin.
  2. The Threefold War.

Honestly i had a third but can’t remember it. I’ll certainly post more if i can think of any.

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Seeing the title, I though before clicking that it was a project on Romance of the Three Kingdoms lol, but I liked your exposition, will be interesting to see the project evolved !

For the title suggestion, I like the one of Jackofblades (“Kings of Blood and Coin”, maybe shorter like “Blood and Coin” )

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hmmm, you have a point too. I might have sped up the conversations too quickly because I’m afraid that some of you might complain that the dialogue is too long or something like that but don’t worry, imma edit it.

Hmm this is a good title I see, I’ll think about it ^3^

On a small check-up, it does sound like a good plot generally, though what worries me is how the third kingdom will be handled.

As of now, considering they’re allies, some intrincate schmuck that isn’t visible to the player will be required to show the third kingdom entering war, be it betrayal, be it political tensions or such.

So something I had thought on that subject is the ol’ identity theft by making the kingslayers wear armor or mention they come from the allied kingdom, making a visible thrifle between both of them, while the mercenary kingdom taking profit of it to gain more coin and then take down both when they’re weakened.

Or something alike, I didn’t really read Sun Tzu.

Otherwise, seems solid thus far.


So uhh lately, I’ve been thinking more on about my hack like it’s story, gameplay mechanics, chapters and etc.
(Btw if you saw nothing from the first post that’s because I just realized that I laid out spoilers and decided to remove it.)
I’ve come to a conclusion to officially write my thoughts here that although I can’t make anything yet since my laptop is such a crap it won’t let me download anything and that’s a pain when I want to do something that involves downloading a crap ton of stuff.
For those who’ve noticed, I’ve been asking around the community about their opinions on different stuff like “what makes a main character”, “great build ups for a villain”, “stats” and stuff like that. So instead of doing nothing, I decided to take notes and create them on paper so when I finally got a functioning laptop/pc, I can create it smoothly(maybe). Although I am progressing with the sprites I needed, little by little creating them on my free time :b.
So uhh yeah, my hack Fire Emblem: War of blood and Coin.

What does it (hopefully) contain?
  • Custom (reskin) sprites and classes as far as the eye can see. Actually all playable characters (hopefully) have custom sprites that supposedly resemble on what their portrait show. Most sprites actually have been reskinned like let’s say added a small detail on the head or something. But that being said, the number of playable units is dependent on how many classes there are as you will be getting one each class. As of now, there are still unknown number of classes in my hack as it constantly gets added or removed. btw enemies still have generic sprites because enemies.
  • Hopefully a good, emotional story that strikes the people’s hearts.
  • Some custom music but from other existing games
  • Custom spells, either originally made or spliced from already existing spells
  • Unique class skills but other classes retain their skills from FE8, although I may not be implementing the skills patch (idk I still haven’t downloaded FEbuilder so I still don’t know how it works since so I may be wrong here)
  • 20 chapters as all hacks have (may have gaiden chapters)
Story/Opening exposition

In the continent of Euthoria where 2 kingdoms reside. The Kingdom of Eynsworth, where magic is best learnt and explored, ruled by Magister Eynsworth. The Kingdom of Highburn, where chivalry is honored. Ruled by it’s monarch, King Highburn who’s respect was earned by his people and along among the knights he codes to. These 2 kingdoms are at peace but that is not meant to be. Unbeknownst to them, a third kingdom has risen. The Kingdom of Ashforde, where it’s mercenaries take in bounties. The 2 kingdoms gave the newly built kingdom a warm welcome and a celebration. The kingdom of Ashforde pays them back by putting a price on King Eynsworth’s head and had him assassinated. Word of King Eynsworth’s death and the Queen’s disappearance spread like wildfire among its people and the Kingdom of Ashforde saw this as an opening opportunity and invaded Eynsworth’s territory. Join our protagonist, Alexander Eynsworth, in his quest to put an end to this war.

Eynsworth Sprites (SPOILERS)

Eynsworth sprites

tldr: This hack is more on magic oriented and full of custom animations and stuff.


Idea’s great, but execution is always the killer of great ideas. Unless you’ve got someone else to work eventing for you or you learn yourself, the project just ain’t gonna take off.

I noticed that you wanted unique class skills but possibly w/o skillsys. If i’m gonna be real here, doing unique class skills w/o skill systems is magnitudes harder, so if you want that, I’d suggest going skillsys unless you want to take the arduous journey of learning dark magic ASM.

That’s pretty much all I have to say, you got good ideas but I hope that it won’t crash and burn due to a lack of knowledge of how to execute them. Good luck.

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yeah I know that, it’s just my laptop won’t allow me to download anything just like I said because of memory issues. Don’t get me wrong tho, I am eager to learn, it’s just I don’t have the right materials to do it (in this case, a well functioning pc/laptop)

yeah like I said, I could be wrong and ig wrong I was :b but hey any criticism is new learning for me