Fire Emblem Three Houses Randomizer


Fire Emblem Three Houses Randomizer
Link (V0.1):


  • Base Stats
  • Stat Caps
  • Growths (including Mov Growth)
  • Misc. Options (Age, Birthday, Gender, Height) (Note that Birthday does not change the actual day their birthday event is triggered in-game)
  • Crests
  • Classes
  • Seeds (Note that only numeric seeds works, anything else is ignored)

Currently the randomizer generates stats/caps/growths by adding together the character’s original stats/etc. (not including mov growth) then redistributing them, but I want to add more options later on.

I’ll be working on it more when I finish more of the game (haven’t even finished my first route yet!). Sorry if smth is really buggy lol

Planned Options:

  • Skills
  • Magic/Spells
  • Budding Talents
  • More Randomization Methods for Stats/Caps/Growths
  • A Ton More Stuff I Hope™

How to Use: (w/ Atmosphere CFW and layeredFS)

  1. You will need the following files: person.bin, info0.bin, info2.bin.

    • person.bin can be obtained by extracting it from data1.bin (it will be the 12th file), or by simply copying 0x1CD74 bytes of data from data1.bin, starting at 0x10EA800, into a new file
    • info0.bin and info2.bin is found within the patch1 folder of the V1.1 update
    • both data1.bin and the files from the patch1 folder can be dumped using nxdumptool
  2. Open person.bin in the randomizer, choose the options you like, and Randomize and Save the file.

  3. On your microSD card, navigate to the atmosphere/titles/ folder, and create a new folder with the title ID of FE3h if you don’t already have one.

  4. Within the new folder, create a folder titled romfs. Within that folder, create a folder titled patch1.

  5. In the patch1 folder, put your person.bin, info0.bin, and info2.bin files.

  6. Open up info2.bin, and add 0x01 to the first byte. (If this is the first time editing it, it will go from 0x4A to 0x4B.)

  7. Next, create an entry in info0.bin. To do this, find the entry for 0x0D (the 13th file). Each entry is 0x120 bytes long. On an unedited info0.bin this will be at 0x5A0. Download this file (link) and copy the whole thing. At the offset for entry 0x0D (normally, 0x5A0), paste-insert what you copied - make sure not to paste-write.

  8. You should now have a person.bin file (output from the randomizer), an info0.bin file (edited in step 8), and an info2.bin file (edited in step 6), all within the folder root:/atmosphere/titles//romfs/patch1/.

  9. Load up the game while running CFW, and atmosphere/layeredFS should load your files in!

  10. If you want to re-randomize, just replace the person.bin file in the patch1 folder you made.

I learned this from the folks at the 3DS FE Romhacking Discord and, if you need any help that’s the best place to go, probably.

Apologies if there are some terms that are wrong. I don’t know much here lol


  • DeathChaos25 for creating the 010 binary template for the person.bin file and general help
  • Raytwo for the python script to extract files from data1.bin and general help
  • HeartHero for creating the Three Houses Editor, which helped immensely because I could easily check whether the game was being randomized properly

Other Links:


Very, very, cool Bly! Good to see awesome tools already out for this game. Can’t wait for more.


“B-But she was legal in the randomizer, officer!”


Very confused on how to add the values to info0.bin


I really want to try this, but I’ll probably fuck up and corrupt all my files…

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can you post a pre edited info0.bin and info2.bin to make me and probably others lives easier i would appreciate it


Are you opening the files in HxD / some other hex editor?

I’d suggest creating an emunand and backing up your saves for the game. That should minimize any risk as much as possible, I think.

Just as we can’t post ROMs, I can’t post the info files here. FAQ/Guidelines Repost

If both of you would like help I’d suggest joining the discord mentioned in the OP or the FEUniverse discord and pinging me, but I can continue to help here too.

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Can you show how to edit INFO0.bin in like a program? I’ve been trying to get this for days now and I would be really grateful if you helped.

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Another question can this randomizer change which units look like which i.e. claude being shown as Nemesis or not?


You will have to open it in a hex editor! I suggest HxD (that’s what I’m most comfortable with, and it’s pretty easy to use).
It might be easier for you to contact me on Discord, if possible, since we can talk 1-1 and I’ll be able to respond quicker.

In the next update you will be able to randomize recruitment! Currently I am planning 3 options: (1) randomize recruitment within houses; (2) randomize playable units (3) randomize all units (named/portrait’d enemies and players). If you’re interested in that I suggest waiting a bit longer for the next version.


Sounds great! i cant wait.Excited to see how far this randomizer will go thanks!

P.S. whats your discord?


My discord is currently bly#0420

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Tried adding you, didn’t work. :frowning:


I think you gotta share at least one server with me. You can join the FE Universe discord or the one I have linked in the OP