Fire Emblem, the mediocre fan hack

Alright so, after dying I come back from my grave, even if no one will care but eh-
I had to redo all the hack 'cause dumb old me deleted all the battle and death quotes so they didn’t work. So here we are, 8 playable chapters, some custom music, a wip story, new characters, you know your typical fe hack.
There’ll be a lot of typos so please report them here, supports are partially in the game but there isn’t any custom dialogue yet.

A few changes:

  • all swords have 5 base crit
  • all axes have -1 wt
  • all dark tomes’ weight has been halved
  • poison does 3 minimum damage
  • poison weapons are like their iron counterparts but with -5 hit and +1 mt
  • support bonuses have been modified but I’ll explain more when support are implemented
  • thieves and mercenaries will promote to heroes and swordmasters, making the assassin class not playable

Alright, thank you for reading and here’s the patch’s link (for fe8):!sXpyDSCK!eVNt1D20EwasCXMmNhyvLfqNIsZ7HFBbWbcjTE9s0Mg

I’m open to criticism of course, I hope you’ll have fun and see you in some weeks!

also does someone know how to merge posts for future updates? thank youuuuu


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You said assassins don’t exist, I assume that rouges don’t exist either then?

As for now thieves promote to heroes and swdmasters, but i’m still deciding if thieves should promote to swdmasters and rogues or swdmasters and heroes.
I mean, Gen (the only thief available as for now) has promoted palettes for assassin and rogue, thives’ promotions’ just not totally decided.

So I played up to chapter 5 where the game doesn’t let me continue and here are my thoughts:

The writing could use a lot of work since most of the sentences are either worded very weird or are missing punctuation where it needs.

The Shade tome has a space in the name unlike the vanilla weapons. Bye when Auph tells Blank he’s going to talk to the fire dragon also has alot of spaces.

I’m not a good judge of balance but I usually just weakened enemies with Auph and killed with another unit

Alright, thanks for the feedback, I’ll fix the chapter 5 thing right away, also yeah I write quickly to not let me forget about the various ideas i come up with. Also Auph is supposed to be the jagen so ig that’s ok?

alright, i fixed the shade tom’s description
i playtested until chapter 5 and it let me go to chapter 6 without problems, also i checked the text at the end event of chapter 1 and all the spaces were normal
thanks for playing!

Perhaps make a handful of the enemies weaker so that Auph isn’t ‘required’ for kills

This is what I’m talking about. I’m not sure why this is happening other than my emulator must be causing it. I’m using VBA 1.8.0 if it makes a difference

EDIT: If you’re speeding through text writing so you don’t forget your ideas, it might be best to just make a synopsis by chapter to help keep track of all them

you on chapter 5? I had that issue before and i fixed it before posting it, i also rechecked and played it and it goes fine. I’ll be sure to make some of my friends try and see if they get the same error. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience

oof, i’ll think about that, i just don’t want the game to be too easy

Maybe increase enemy density or use effective weapons to make enemies more challenging instead of just buffing stats

hm, i’ll think about it